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Foamstream removes moss and algae with just one treatment per year.


Unlike most plants, moss roots sit on the top of the plant. Foamstream is applied directly to the plant, killing the moss and inhibiting its regrowth. Using Foamstream on moss and algae is as effective as herbicide alternatives and will eradicate the plant with just one treatment per year.

Foamstream’s effectiveness comes from the foam forming a layer of insulation over the hot water. This prevents the heat in the hot water escaping to the atmosphere, ensuring it stays on the plant for long enough to kill it. Watch our process video to see how Foamstream works.


Why is Foamstream the best alternative to Glyphosate?

Foamstream has proved itself across the world as the most viable herbicide-free alternative on the market for controlling unwanted vegetation. Furthermore, when it comes to tackling moss and algae, Foamstream has proven to be unrivaled, even when compared to herbicides like glyphosate. It can be used in any season and in any weather, completely eradicating the plant with just one treatment per year.

Before and After

Foamstream's effective treatment of moss around a UK utility site. Once dead, the moss just brushes away.

Before treatment After treatment

Benefits of Foamstream over glyphosate

1. Kills moss and algae with one treatment per year.

2. Suitable for use in all weathers, on any surface.

3. Safe for use around people, animals and waterways

4. No ongoing operator certification requirements.

5. No need to wear protective clothing.

6. Foamstream delivers instantly visible results.

Optional lances available

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230mm Lance

Part No: 300228

Our 230mm lance is included with all Foamstream M1200s. Also available as a wide lance for the Foamstream M600.

Nylon-Hinged Rotating Brush

Part No: 300026

 Soft rotating brush for use on most surfaces.

Foaming Nylon Scrub Brush

Part No: 300028

Soft nylon scrub brush for removing moss and algae. Suitable for most surfaces.

Pavement Cleaner Lance

Part No: 300025

A rotating high pressure water jet for cleaning pathways and removing moss.

Our customers

From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

What our customers say

“Foamstream is a very safe product from both the perspective of the operator and the surrounding environment. It has created great interest with the public and even requests for us to treat private properties. Thanks to Foamstream we no longer have to worry about our operators injuring themselves or becoming fatigued and we can be confident that we won’t receive insurance claims for damage to vehicles which has happened with previous methods. The service support team at Weedingtech are brilliant and always on hand should we need help with our machines.”
Barry Boguski
City of Courtenay
“Working with Weedingtech through Jordelit has been a real eye opener; not only are they a joy to work with but Foamstream and the MW- Series product has worked brilliantly and has delivered better results for us than anything else we’ve tried in the past. Furthermore, the Weedingtech team provides excellent after-sales support. We couldn’t be without Weedingtech’s system. It’s quite clear that the treatment cycles required are far fewer than other methods like hot water and we look forward to seeing what it can continue to do for us in the future."
Mattias Hoffling
President, E-trädgård
“We are always looking for innovative and revolutionary products to offer our clients as alternatives to traditional practices. Foamstream is exactly this, providing a better customer experience and safer method of weed management without the use of traditional herbicides. We have tested many products, including the steam machines, but find this to be the most effective means of treating weeds and over time reduces application time and treatment cycles.”
Norman Parent
“Foamstream offers multi-benefits to our customers. Using Foamstream, they only have to apply it two to three times a year where as with chemicals they do it four to five times a year. It’s also beneficial as its safe for the environment, you can spray where children are and you don’t need a license. As a distributor, it is exciting to be able to have a new and innovative product which is safe to use and user friendly but actually allows us to make money as well as saving money for our customers.”
Mike Pelrine
President, Wilfred MacDonald

Struggling with moss? Read our factsheet on why Foamstream is so effective at treating moss and algae.

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