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This page will walk you through step by step on how to pay an invoice received from Weedingtech using our online payment system. 

If you have placed and order for the sale of foam, parts, machines or (in the UK, unit rentals), and would like to make a card payment to settle your invoice, you can use our payment platform.

Click here to make your payment


Follow the step-by-step guide below on how to do this:

  1. Click on the link above
  2. When you land on the page – click ‘Make a payment to Weedingtech Technologies Limited
  3. Fill out the boxes accordingly:
    1. Account ID – this is automatically populated for you with our Weedingtech account number
    2. Description of Goods or Service / Reason for Payment – short description of the goods/service being paid for. E.g Full lance set for Foamstream L12
    3. Invoice Reference (if supplied) – Invoice number or Pro-forma number / Order number (see Weedingtech paperwork to find this number)

      The following gives examples of the reference numbers:

      Order No: WT0001

      Invoice No.:  #0001

      Pro-Forma : 001

    4.  Name – this is the card holder’s name

Having difficulties making payment?

If you're still unsure how to make this payment or are having difficulties, please get in touch below

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