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Foamstream For Urban Cleaning

Foamstream Clean is a highly effective way to deep clean, sanitise and decontaminate public spaces that have high human contact in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way.

Foamstream Clean is used for urban cleaning by local authorities across the world. Foamstream Clean has the unique ability to maintain temperatures – this is due to unique insulation qualities delivered by our patented foam. This combination means that users will get a more effective and efficient clean than other methods.

Foamstream Clean can be used for many cleaning and sanitisation tasks such as gum removal, street cleaning and power washing. Use Foamstream Clean to clean benches, street signs, bins and even remove moss and algae from smooth metal and plastic surfaces.

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Urban Cleaning

Foamstream Clean delivers a thorough clean at a low-pressure, eliminating the risk of surface damage associated with conventional high-pressure systems. Conventional pressure washers have a temperature of around 50°c / 122°F, whereas Foamstream Clean has the unique advantage of a lower-pressure solution with an elevated temperature. Examples of street furniture Foamstream Clean can be used on includes bins, benches, railings, signs, post boxes, telephones boxes, bus shelters and lampposts.

Foamsteam Bin

Cleaning Public Places

Foamstream Clean can also be used for general cleaning tasks such as outdoor seating areas, children’s play parks and more. Given that Foamstream Clean is herbicide-free, there’s no need to cordon off treatment areas prior to, during, or after treatment, as the product is safe for people, animals and delicate ecosystems. In addition, it can be used on flat and vertical surfaces too, making it highly effective, versatile, and user-friendly.


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Bin Cleaning

Here you can see our nylon-hinged rotating brush quickly and effectively cleaning a bin.

Graffiti and Gum Removal

Foamstream can be used to clean surfaces and street furniture of unsightly dirt or droppings, such as grime, graffiti and chewing gum.


Foamstream Clean kills or neutralises the majority of pathogens quickly and efficiently. Non-toxic and approved for public use, it can be used in many public areas and surfaces where people and animals are present.

High Pressure

Foamstream Clean can be used at a high pressure setting, matching the capabilities of pressure washers and effectively cleaning dirt and grime on harder surfaces. Unlike traditional pressure washers, Foamstream will sanitise the affected area using its patented heat process as opposed to merely moving pathogens from point A to point B.

Low pressure

Foamstream Clean can also deliver a thorough clean at a low-pressure, eliminating the risk of surface damage associated with conventional high-pressure systems. Due to its low-pressure, Foamstream is less abrasive making it ideal for use on delicate surfaces such as historical monuments, public artworks, and cemeteries.

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