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Foamstream is used around the world to win tenders requesting herbicide-free alternatives.


Foamstream provides an opportunity for contractors to offer their clients an integrated approach to weed control.

By adding a herbicide-free solution to your organisation’s product portfolio, it provides a platform for you to move into new business sectors and tender for new contracts. Foamstream is increasingly being requested in public sector tenders around the world.

As the most cost-effective and efficient herbicide-free alternative for weed control, coupled with the fact that Foamstream can be used for a multitude of cleaning activities, such as gum removal and power washing, our systems ensure you gain the most from your capital investment.

Easy to use, simple to implement and safe for your employees, Foamstream will be your best green investment yet.


Road sign being cleaned

Benefits of using Foamstream in contracting services

1. Unrestricted use around people, animals and waterways - meaning no limitations to where you can treat.

2. All weather, all surface, all year round solution - eliminating costly downtime.

3. No ongoing costs for operator clothing or certification.

4. Multi-functional use increases scope for potential revenue streams.

5. Herbicide-free - no need for to work out dilution ratios or speed of travel.

Our customers

From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

What our Foamstream users say

“Foamstream is fantastic because it’s people friendly and safe for use around waterways and around pets - something which is a big concern for a lot of people. I always get a lot of positive feedback when I am out and about using Foamstream and I’m really pleased to be able to work with a product with such brilliant green credentials. Foamstream’s very user friendly. With glyphosate you have to work out the dilution ratio, speed of travel and general safety of glyphosate. You then have to carry a heavy knapsack and can only treat when the conditions and weather are right to do so. With Foamstream I literally park it up, start it up, warm it up and then I’m away with the lance. It’s really user friendly and over a working day you are actually covering more open ground than you would for glyphosate.”
John Debnam
Weed Control Team Leader, G Burley - Part of the TCL Group
“Foamstream is great for weeds, small woody growth like ragwort and for killing moss in places like tennis courts and play areas – and is excellent value. We fully support Weedingtech’s global mission to help organisations and cities across the world provide safer, cleaner and greener environments for their residents.”
Simon Cashmore
CEO, TCL Group
“We are always looking for innovative and revolutionary products to offer our clients as alternatives to traditional practices. Foamstream is exactly this, providing a better customer experience and safer method of weed management without the use of traditional herbicides. We have tested many products, including the steam machines, but find this to be the most effective means of treating weeds and over time reduces application time and treatment cycles.”
Norman Parent

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