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black lance hose

30M 3/8” ID Lance Hose

Part Numbers:

All Units - 300034

30 meter extension hose, giving operators more freedom of movement

quick release head handle

Quick Release Head

Part Numbers:

All Units - 300208

This lance head has a quick release connection and is suitable for use with our quick release lance range.

lance wheels

Lance Wheels

Part Numbers:

All Units - 300250

Detachable lance wheels to help operators cover ground more easily

Weeding Lance 230mm

Part Numbers:

All Units - 501740

The weeding lance is 25% lighter than the standard lance 230mm and comes with a changeable lance head.

Medium Lance (230mm)

Part Numbers:

L12 – 300218
M1200 – 300218
M600 – 300228

Our 230mm lance is included with all Foamstream M1200 and L12 units. Also available as a wide lance for the Foamstream M600

Small lance (140mm)

Part Numbers:

L12 – 500701
M1200 – 500701
M600 – 300220

Our Small lance is included with all Foamstream M600s. It can also be used for the L12 and M1200 and is ideally suited for accurate work in landscaping beds.

Wide Lance (350mm)

Part Numbers:

L12 – 300219
M1200 – 300219
M600 – N/A

At 40% wider than the Medium Lance, this lance provides a greater treatment area per hour, ideally suited for large hard surfaces with medium and low-density weeds.

Pavement Cleaner Lance

Part Numbers:

L12 – 301032
M1200 – 300025
M600 – 300231

A rotating hight-pressure water jet for cleaning pathways and removing moss.

Power Lance

Part Numbers:

L12 – 301031 (125Bar)
M1200 – 300037 (22Bar)
M600 – 300272 (22Bar)

The unique combination of heat and low pressure produces incredible results without-the damage caused by conventional high-pressure systems. Ideal for cleaning functionalities, gum removal and sanitisation

High Pressure Lance (dual nozzle)

Part Numbers:

530080 (L12-34 & before)
530130 (L12-35 & above)

A light weight plug and play high-pressure water jet for cleaning surfaces and removing gum, graffiti, moss and algae.

Looking to do more than just weed control?

Foamstream can be used all year round to do a range of weed control, outdoor cleaning and sanitisation tasks. Get in touch today to find out more.

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