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Foamstream is well suited to address the challenges faced by the tourism sector around finding solutions that are safe to use around people, animals, waterways and delicate ecosystems.

Foamstream works differently from other herbicide-free methods. The active ingredient in Foamstream is the heat from the hot water.  The foam is made from natural ingredients such as potatoes and plant oils, and ensures that the heat isn’t lost to the atmosphere and the water stays at a high temperature. As a result of this, the plant is subjected to a high enough temperature to kill or severely damage it. It also sterilises the surrounding seeds and spores, minimising the chance of regrowth and so enabling fewer treatment cycles per year.

Cleared for use as organic, safe and non-toxic by all accreditation bodies in the territories that we work in, Foamstream does not limit operators as to where and when they can work. This allows for effective allocation of labour resources, helping organizations reduce costs associated with downtime.

Suitable for use on hard, soft, artificial or porous surfaces, Foamstream can be used all year-round. Our systems allow operators to move seamlessly between controlling unwanted vegetation and carrying out cleaning tasks such as power washing, sanitization and gum removal, spreading capital costs across your organization. An eco-friendly, organic method to keep spaces weed-free, clean and safe for the healthy enjoyment and care of all.


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Benefits of using Foamstream in the tourism sector

Our clients in the tourism sector benefit from Foamstream for a whole host of reasons: 

People friendly: Tourism sites are regularly busy and full of visitors of all ages. It’s therefore important to have a weed control method that can be used safely around people without worries about their safety. Being herbicide-free and made of organic ingredients, Foamstream can be used safely around people. 

Animal friendly: Many tourist attractions feature animals, whether at petting farms or zoos. You can safely use Foamstream around animals without the worry it will affect them or their environment adversely. 

Cost-effective: Foamstream needs fewer treatments per year compared to other herbicide-free methods of weed control. That, combined with the fact it can be used in any weather reducing downtime, makes it the lowest cost of ownership compared to any other alternative solution. 

Multi-functionality: Foamstream is loved by our clients because it can be used for more than just weed control. Foamstream can be used for a variety of cleaning and sanitisation tasks such as gum and graffiti removal and cleaning outdoor furniture such as park benches and tables. 

All-weather: Many alternative methods of weed control cannot be used in high winds or heavy rain, which leads to disruption of treatment times and lower productivity. Foamstream can be used in any weather, all year round so that you can plan ahead, and reduce downtime and delays. 

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What sets Foamstream Apart from other herbicide-free methods?

1. Safe for unrestricted use around people, animals and waterways – operators can work at any time.

2. Multi-functionality delivers a cost-effective solution suitable for both weed control and cleaning tasks.

3. Suitable for use in all weathers, on all surfaces, all year round - eliminating the cost of downtime.

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From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

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