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Whether driven by legislation, public pressure, or the desire to be an eco-focused community, Foamstream enables you to reduce the use of traditional herbicides, such as glyphosate, in your borough.


Foamstream is safe for use around people, animals, and delicate eco-systems meaning it can be used freely in public areas such as parks, schools and residential areas.

With our range of cleaning lances, Foamstream’s capital costs can be shared across multiple departments in your organisation. Quick to implement and easy to use, Foamstream makes moving away from herbicides a simple and seamless process.

With experience gained from having many clients in the municipal sector, we are able to assist your organisation in reducing its reliance on herbicides.


Road sign being cleaned

Benefits of using Foamstream in municipalities

1. Most cost-effective herbicide-free solution available (only 2-3 treatments required per year).

2. Suitable for use on any surface and in any weather – no costs attributed to downtime.

3. Safe for use around people, animals, waterways and delicate eco-systems.

4. No ongoing costs for operator clothing or certification.

Our customers

From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

What our Foamstream users say

"We purchased a Foamstream M1200 in the spring of 2018. We used it through the season and found that the weed kill results we got were better than when using green, class 11 pesticides and its use doesn’t require advanced sign posting like a pesticide. From field observations, the Foamstream treated weeds did not regrow as quickly as the pesticide treated ones and new seeds did not tend to germinate after application. This unit is easy to use and has increased our efficiency in weed management.”
Rob Gagen
Supervisor, Parks Operations, City of Pickering
“There are so many benefits to choose from but the single best thing about Foamstream has to be the cleanliness and the finish once Foamstream has been applied. We’re excited about Foamstream’s possibilities as a public engagement tool, as well as the positive feedback from potential clients and increased chances of getting onto new approved supplier lists.”
Terry Burns
Senior Contract Manager, idverde
“I was struck by the speed and efficiency of Foamstream. What is particularly pleasant is how clean the streets look and actually feel to be in. During treatment the streets are cleaned as well as weeded. My impression is that there is a freshening quality to Foamstream treatment. We could say this is a holistic approach to community health.”
Victoria Conran
Resident, Bonnington Square, London
“Foamstream is a very safe product from both the perspective of the operator and the surrounding environment. It has created great interest with the public and even requests for us to treat private properties. Thanks to Foamstream we no longer have to worry about our operators injuring themselves or becoming fatigued and we can be confident that we won’t receive insurance claims for damage to vehicles which has happened with previous methods. The service support team at Weedingtech are brilliant and always on hand should we need help with our machines.”
Barry Boguski
City of Courtenay

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