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Weed management in organic farming and other agricultural settings has always been a tricky issue. Organisations want to control weeds without causing potential harm to their crops or livestock. Foamstream was created as a safe, effective method to solve those problems. 

So how does our green solution work? The active ingredient is the heat from the hot water. Then, our patented foam acts as a thermal blanket over the water, keeping it in the ‘kill zone’ for extended periods of time. This ensures the heat covers the plant long enough to kill or severely damage the plant, as well as sterilising surrounding seeds and spores. This minimises the possibility of regrowth. Learn more about the Foamstream lifecycle here.

Foamstream has been cleared by accreditation bodies around the world as organic, non-toxic and safe for use. This means it can be used freely on any organic site. Foamstream can be used on organic sites not only to treat any unwanted vegetation but also for a wide variety of cleaning tasks Due to the foam being made from natural plant oils and sugars, our biodegradable foam poses no threat to the environment and is safe to use around people and animals

Foamstream is for the good of the environment and a great weed solution for organic farming and other agricultural practices. In a modern world where we are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, Foamstream is the perfect solution for those wanting to reduce herbicides in their organisation. What’s more, legislation around herbicides is changing all over the world so it’s vital to have viable weed control alternatives in place. Foamstream is already used in organic farming, tourism and education, among many other industries.

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  • Foamstream: What sets it apart from other herbicide-free methods?

There are many features of our Foamstream technology that set it apart from other methods. Choosing Foamstream as your weed control of choice could be the best decision you make for your organic farming business. 

Approved by all organic accreditation bodies

Traditional herbicide-based methods often need environmental permits prior to use, which can slow down the process of getting started with your weed control. Foamstream is certified as organic by bodies such as the OF&G, Soil Association and FIBL and so is an ideal weed control system for organic farms. 

  • Animal friendly: If you have animals on your site you will understandably be concerned about the potential effects of exposing them to herbicides. As Foamstream is herbicide-free, it can be used safely around animals without worry. This is ideal for those looking after livestock such as sheep, cattle and pigs.
  • Minimal treatments: Other alternative methods of weed control are very time consuming and labour intensive, such as manual or string weeding. Foamstream on average is only needed two or three times a year. This means organisations can plan their treatments in advance, save time and be more productive around other areas of site maintenance.
  • All-weather: Other methods of weed control can’t be used in all weather conditions. Unlike the rest, Foamstream can be used whatever the weather, be it high winds, rain or something else. This means that there are minimal disruptions, and organisations can plan their weed control in advance without worrying about the weather.


The Foamstream Machines 

We know that every organisation has different needs, which is why our experts have meticulously designed a variety of Foamstream machines. This makes it an ideal weed control system for organic farms of all shapes, sizes and terrains.

Foamstream L12

If you’re looking to start your Foamstream journey, the L12 is the perfect place to start. In addition to being simple to operate, it also has a fast startup time of between 30 and 60 seconds. It can be easily transported across locations thanks to having four forklift points, enabling it to be mounted on many types of vehicles.

Foamstream M1200

If you’re looking to control weeds over vast urban and green areas, the M1200 could be right for you. Designed for incredible performance, the M1200 has a large tank capacity meaning it can be used for up to a full day’s work at a time. Despite its size, it can be easily mounted onto a pickup truck or similar type of vehicle. 

Foamstream M600

Smaller than the M1200, it does not compromise on power. Some jobs are more tricky than others, for example in hard to reach areas. We designed the M600 for those more difficult jobs. It’s our quietest running machine so ideal for noise-sensitive areas such as residential neighbourhoods. 

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Start your journey with Foamstream 

It’s easy to get started on your herbicide-free journey with Foamstream. We have cultivated a network of fantastic distributors across the globe, there’s bound to be one near you. Foamstream is simple to use and requires no formal training, so your team can get started right away. What’s more, as Foamstream has been certified as non-toxic and organic, no environmental permits are required before use. 

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Benefits of using Foamstream in the organic sector

1. Safe for use around people, animals, delicate ecosystems and waterways.

2. Most cost-effective herbicide-free solution available (only 2-3 treatments required per year).

3. Sterilizes seeds and spores – reducing regrowth.

4. Approved by all organic accreditation bodies (OF&G, Soil Association and FIBL).

5. Suitable for use on any surface and in any weather – eliminating downtime.

Our customers

From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

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