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Foamstream has been cleared by accreditation bodies around the world as organic, non-toxic and safe for use. This means it can be used freely on any organic site.


Foamstream can be used on organic sites not only to treat any unwanted vegetation, but also for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. It is safe for unrestricted use around people, animals and the environment.

Made from natural plant oils and sugars, our biodegradable foam poses no threat to the environment or its inhabitants.

Learn more about the Foamstream lifecycle here.

Benefits of using Foamstream in the organic sector

1. Safe for use around people, animals, delicate ecosystems and waterways.

2. Most cost-effective herbicide-free solution available (only 2-3 treatments required per year).

3. Sterilises seeds and spores – reducing regrowth.

4. Approved by all organic accreditation bodies (OF&G, Soil Association and FIBL).

5. Suitable for use on any surface and in any weather – eliminating downtime.

Our customers

From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

What our Foamstream users say

“NYC & NYS are extremely environmentally conscious and take great precautions towards protecting the parks, private & public schools, municipal areas and universities. Since representing Weedingtech here in NY, the reception has been enormous, and the potential endless. Foamstream is rapidly gaining popularity because of its herbicide-free approach to eliminating weeds, along with its additional functionality for sanitisation tasks such as street cleaning and gum removal. Being people and pet friendly as well as reducing costs, it’s a true win-win year-round solution.”
Alfred Delloiacono
President, Chief Equipment
“Foamstream is an extremely effective product for controlling weeds in a variety of different situations.”
Gareth Clark
MD, Holt Farms Ltd
“We are always looking for innovative and revolutionary products to offer our clients as alternatives to traditional practices. Foamstream is exactly this, providing a better customer experience and safer method of weed management without the use of traditional herbicides. We have tested many products, including the steam machines, but find this to be the most effective means of treating weeds and over time reduces application time and treatment cycles.”
Norman Parent

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