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Foamstream is the world’s leading herbicide-free weed control solution.
It kills unwanted vegetation, including weeds, moss and algae, using the precise application of hot water insulated by a specially formulated biodegradable and organic foam.
Delivered by our range of patented machinery.


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A green solution that’s friendly to our planet, Foamstream is the most effective and environmentally-friendly, organic solution to keep built environments and recreational green spaces weed-free, clean and safe for the healthy enjoyment and care of all.



From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.


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Rob Gagen

Supervisor, Park Operations, City of Pickering

“We purchased a Foamstream M1200 in the spring of 2018. We used it through the season and found that the weed kill results we got were better than when using green, class 11 pesticides and its use doesn’t require advanced sign posting like a pesticide. From field observations, the Foamstream treated weeds did not regrow as quickly as the pesticide treated ones and new seeds did not tend to germinate after application. This unit is easy to use and has increased our efficiency in weed management.”

Mark Tavener

Contract Manager, G Burley – part of the TCL Group

“We love the Foamstream technology here at Burleys. Having tried so many other different methods of weed control, Foamstream for Burleys is an outright winner and I would thoroughly recommend it to any of our clients, or indeed any other businesses that are thinking of going into an alternative weed control.”

Nick Boffemmyer

Senior Groundsman

“Foamstream has been the feather in our cap. I am so happy to have it as part of our grounds maintenance solution. It’s saved us time and is just as effective as herbicide, but comes with none of the safety worries.”

Mattias Hoffling

President, E-trädgård

“Working with Weedingtech through Jordelit has been a real eye opener; not only are they a joy to work with but Foamstream and the MW- Series product has worked brilliantly and has delivered better results for us than anything else we’ve tried in the past. Furthermore, the Weedingtech team provides excellent after-sales support. We couldn’t be without Weedingtech’s system. It’s quite clear that the treatment cycles required are far fewer than other methods like hot water and we look forward to seeing what it can continue to do for us in the future.”


Foamstream gets top marks from WeedItGreenIreland!

What started as a new non-herbicidal weed-control solution for the school at which he is Principal, has become a venture all of its own for Pat Galvin after discovering the effectiveness of Foamstream! A demonstration of the Foamstream system sealed the deal for Pat...

WeedingTech’s groundbreaking Foamstream product featured by NewScientist magazine

A few months ago we wrote about how our Foamstream product had been featured in a study by the Agricultural University of Athens, highlighting how our product performed equally well at removing weeds when compared to Glyphosate and other methods of weed control. And...

Foamstream proves a real all-rounder, following switch by Tim Brooks Garden Services

Switching to the non-herbicidal Foamstream system for total weed control hasn’t only brought benefit for the team at Tim Brooks Garden Services in terms of time and efficiency, the fact it is glyphosate-free has been very well received by their customers too! Owner...

Foamstream helping to drive the rise in UK Councils going chemical-free

As tighter controls come into force on the use of Glyphosate-based products around Europe, it is perhaps unsurprising that a recent study has found increasing numbers of councils in the UK have voluntarily turned to chemical-free weed control solutions. One of the...

Weedingtech launches the new Foamstream rental service

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Foamstream rental service – allowing more customers across the UK to make use of our world-leading herbicide-free weed control product on a weekly hire basis.  Since its launch in 2011, Foamstream has redefined...

New Study Shows Foamstream Has Comparable Performance to Glyphosate as an Organic Weed Killer Alternative

A new study by the Agricultural University of Athens published in Smart Agricultural Technology by Elsevier has shown that Foamstream as a non-chemical weed control option in perennial crops has comparable performance to that of glyphosate.  The study was executed by...

Foamstream: an effective weed control choice for plant nurseries

Weeds can cause a huge amount of issues at plant nurseries. The conditions at nurseries of moist air and fertile soil are unfortunately ideal for weed germination. It’s vital to have an effective weed control strategy to control these unwanted plants, whilst also...

Weedingtech are fundraising for global expansion

Global herbicide legislation is growing, and there’s increasing public resistance to glyphosate. This means more and more organisations around the world are looking for alternative methods of weed control to use in their green spaces. Weedingtech want to provide a...

Foamstream: How our eco-friendly technology works to control weeds

It is a truth universally acknowledged that weeds can get everywhere, but it’s how we go about treating them that matters. For years, the most popular weed killer around the world has been the herbicide glyphosate, known more commonly by its trading name as Roundup. ...

Weed control for water companies: What is the most effective method for water filtration beds?

Click here to email our team for the comprehensive guide to weed control for water companies. Weeds, moss, and algae cause issues for water companies, and many still use the labour-intensive and costly method of hand-weeding. The large sums of time and money used...