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Foamstream is the world’s leading commercial herbicide-free weed control solution.
It kills unwanted vegetation, including weeds, moss and algae, using the precise application of hot water insulated by a specially formulated biodegradable and organic foam.
Delivered by our range of patented machinery.




We sell direct and through a dealer network. View our products below.

Foamstream L12

A plug and play entry-level system for weed control. Enhanced cleaning functionality.

Foamstream M600H

A compact, lightweight system well suited for use in built-up and noise sensitive areas.

M600H Foamstream

Optional Extras

Pre-Owned Units


A green solution that’s friendly to our planet, Foamstream is the most effective and environmentally-friendly, organic solution to keep built environments and recreational green spaces weed-free, clean and safe for the healthy enjoyment and care of all.



From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

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Rob Gagen

Supervisor, Park Operations, City of Pickering

“We purchased a Foamstream M1200 in the spring of 2018. We used it through the season and found that the weed kill results we got were better than when using green, class 11 pesticides and its use doesn’t require advanced sign posting like a pesticide. From field observations, the Foamstream treated weeds did not regrow as quickly as the pesticide treated ones and new seeds did not tend to germinate after application. This unit is easy to use and has increased our efficiency in weed management.”

Mark Tavener

Contract Manager, G Burley – part of the TCL Group

“We love the Foamstream technology here at Burleys. Having tried so many other different methods of weed control, Foamstream for Burleys is an outright winner and I would thoroughly recommend it to any of our clients, or indeed any other businesses that are thinking of going into an alternative weed control.”

Nick Boffemmyer

Senior Groundsman

“Foamstream has been the feather in our cap. I am so happy to have it as part of our grounds maintenance solution. It’s saved us time and is just as effective as herbicide, but comes with none of the safety worries.”

Mattias Hoffling

President, E-trädgård

“Working with Weedingtech through Jordelit has been a real eye opener; not only are they a joy to work with but Foamstream and the MW- Series product has worked brilliantly and has delivered better results for us than anything else we’ve tried in the past. Furthermore, the Weedingtech team provides excellent after-sales support. We couldn’t be without Weedingtech’s system. It’s quite clear that the treatment cycles required are far fewer than other methods like hot water and we look forward to seeing what it can continue to do for us in the future.”


Campey Turf Care Systems named new distributor for Foamstream

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Floors Castle turn to Foamstream for non-chemical weed control

A Foamstream L12 system is delivering effective non-herbicidal weed control and labour savings too, for the team at Floors Castle. Tasked with keeping on top of a variety of weed species within the picturesque grounds and gardens, Head Gardener Simon McManus explains...

Weedingtech become members of British Water

Weedingtech, founders of the world’s leading commercial herbicide-free weed control solution Foamstream, are pleased to announce they have become members of British Water. Using the combination of hot water and a specially formulated organic foam, Foamstream is proven...

EU set to re-approve use of controversial glyphosate despite outcry from both scientists and citizens

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Foamstream, showcasing the future of chemical-free weed control at SALTEX

A hugely busy summer season for the team at Weedingtech will culminate in them returning to SALTEX this November, showcasing their world-leading commercial herbicide-free weed control solution – Foamstream. Proven in trials to deliver comparable efficacy to...

Safe Weed Control by name and nature for NZ contractors thanks to Foamstream

As awareness of the hazards associated with glyphosate continues to grow across the globe, it is unsurprising that the number of commercial organisations switching to non-herbicidal weed control is on the rise. Safe Weed Control, based on the outskirts of Auckland in...

East Devon District Council eliminate Glyphosate in favour of weed control by Foamstream

As part of their wider Climate Change Agenda, the team at East Devon District Council (EDDC) have switched to non-herbicidal weed control with Foamstream from Weedingtech. In an attempt to improve the environment and move towards net zero, the council have eliminated...

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