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Foamstream is an ideal herbicide-free solution for those who work in the education sector looking for alternatives to weed control.

Foamstream is an ideal herbicide-free solution for those who work in the education sector looking for alternatives to weed control. 

Glyphosate’s safety has come under fire in the past few years, which has resulted in many authorities and countries limiting or banning its use. This, combined with increasing public concern has meant that many organisations have been looking into incorporating alternative methods of weed control into their portfolio. Many of our educational clients have started using Foamstream as a result of concerned parents and staff wanting a safe method of weed control used around campus. 

Foamstream works differently from other herbicide-free methods. The active ingredient in Foamstream is the heat from the hot water.  The foam is made from natural ingredients such as potatoes and plant oils, and ensures that the heat isn’t lost to the atmosphere and the water stays at a high temperature. As a result of this, the plant is subjected to a high enough temperature to kill or severely damage it. It also sterilises the surrounding seeds and spores, minimising the chance of regrowth and so enabling fewer treatment cycles per year.

Not only effective for treating weeds, it can also be used to clean a wide variety of outdoor objects and surfaces. This makes it particularly well-suited for use in areas such as schoolyards, playgrounds, sports facilities and university campuses. Furthermore, Foamstream is an EPA approved biocide meaning it will kill bacteria as it cleans.

Since Foamstream was created, it has been adopted by educational facilities across the world from England to the USA. Being the most effective alternative method of weed control, and as it can be used around people and animals makes it the ideal solution for any educational setting. An environmentally-friendly, organic solution to keep all sorts of green and urban spaces weed-free, clean and safe for the healthy enjoyment and care of all.

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Benefits of using Foamstream in the education sector

There are many benefits of Foamstream that make it ideal for all sorts of educational settings. Read on to find out if it could be right for your organisation. 

People friendly: Parents understandably want their children to be safe. Foamstream is herbicide-free and safe to use around people. This means it can be used at any time of day without concerns about the safety of children or staff.

Animal friendly: Foamstream is also safe to use around animals of all kinds. This means that should there be animals on your sites; for example guide dogs or horses, you can be confident that they are not being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. 

Cost-effective: Foamstream has been shown to be the most cost-effective alternative method of weed control. It needs fewer treatment cycles per year, and all weather use. This makes it the lowest cost of ownership over any alternative solution. 

All-weather: Many methods of weed control can’t be used in high winds or heavy rain, causing a delay and slowing down productivity. Foamstream can be used in all weathers so that you can plan ahead, reducing delays and downtime. 

Multi-functionality: One of the reasons our clients love Foamstream is because it can be used for so much more than just weed control. Foamstream can be used for a whole variety of cleaning and sanitisation jobs such as cleaning playground equipment, benches and more. 

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What sets Foamstream apart from other herbicide-free methods?

1. Safe for unrestricted use around people, animals and water.

2. Multi-functional - helping to spread costs across organizations.

3. Most cost-effective outside management solution.

4. Can be used in any weather - eliminating costly downtime.

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