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Foamstream can be used to clean surfaces and street furniture of unsightly dirt or droppings, such as grime, graffiti and chewing gum.


The foam holds the heat in the hot water for long enough to break down and remove the dirt or droppings.

Benefits of using Foamstream on gum and graffiti

1. Safe for use around people, animals and waterways.

2. Low-pressure, meaning it won't damage delicate or porous surfaces.

3. Sterilises surfaces as it cleans.

Optional lances available

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Power Lance

Part No: 300037

For removal of dirt and droppings. Suitable for use on delicate and porous surfaces.

Pavement Cleaner Lance

Part No: 300025

A rotating high pressure water jet for cleaning pathways and removing moss.

Nylon-Hinged Rotating Brush

Part No: 300026

 Soft rotating brush for use on most surfaces.

Hogs Hair Scrub Brush

Part No: 300029

Soft natural bristle brush for surfaces which may be scratched by synthetic bristles.

Our customers

From public entities such as city councils and parks, to green space contractors, utility companies and private landowners, we work with customers worldwide, operating across North America, Europe and Australasia.

Customer testimonials

“Foamstream is great for weeds, small woody growth like ragwort and for killing moss in places like tennis courts and play areas – and is excellent value. We fully support Weedingtech’s global mission to help organisations and cities across the world provide safer, cleaner and greener environments for their residents.”
Simon Cashmore
CEO, TCL Group
"Weedingtech and Foamstream were the only viable option in terms of financial viability and also effectiveness. A lot of our residents, myself included, are concerned at the use of chemical herbicides around the places where our children play. One of the greatest things about Foamstream is its complete non-toxicity, its Soil Association stamp, which backs that up even further as far as I am concerned, and its viability on all types of weeds and all types of surfaces."
Emma George
Councillor, Glastonbury Town Council
"Having been keen to find a green alternative to glyphosate we discovered Foamstream, which has delivered great success in terms of our image and the demands of the job. The results have been astonishing! Unlike chemical treatments, the effect was visible almost immediately and fewer treatments have been needed since due to dramatically reduced regrowth. Furthermore, being safe for all operators to use in any public area, Foamstream has been a huge advantage when allocating and arranging labour. This has saved time and money. We’re very pleased with Weedingtech and plan to expand the fleet, satisfying more and more customer requests.”
Davide Siviero
Founder & Director, Siviero Davide & C. Sas
"We love the Foamstream technology here at Burleys. Having tried so many other different methods of weed control, Foamstream for Burleys is an outright winner and I would thoroughly recommend it to any of our clients, or indeed any other businesses that are thinking of going into an alternative weed control."
Mark Tavener
Contract Manager, Burleys – part of the TCL Group

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