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The Coronavirus pandemic caused the world to pause in 2020. The virus had its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, and since then has become a global pandemic, affecting civilisations on every continent.

As of November 2020, the development of several vaccines has been reported, most claiming to be around 95% effective. What is still uncertain however, is how long they will take to roll out, and therefore the length of time we will continue having to live under the enforced conditions of the last 6 months. Estimates suggest it could be some time.

Until now, killing the virus has relied almost entirely on the use of soap and sanitisers. However, Foamstream has made an incredible breakthrough with their technology and testing has shown that it kills 99.99% of Coronavirus particles on outdoor surfaces, in under ten seconds.

Using Foamstream to sanitise your local area, in spaces such as parks, play areas and zoos, will allow such spaces to safely reopen, ensuring the public can enjoy these spaces without fear or worry. Contact your local MP to see how Foamstream can be used in your area.

Keep reading to find out more about the science behind the formula that’s tackling the biggest pandemic since 1918.

The dangers of Coronavirus

As Coronavirus can pose a fatal threat to a large number of people, destroying the virus and managing its spread is crucial. 

According to the World Health Organisation, Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects most people only mildly. It can, however, make some people very ill - particularly the elderly or those with pre-existing medical conditions, including but not limited to, high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory problems, or diabetes.

There are plenty of reputable and credible sources, such as the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, who have noted that the best way to currently combat the virus is to regularly clean, particularly using EPA-approved disinfectants

There are, however, a number of issues with disinfectants and sanitisers.

  1. They only work to protect the virus from spreading, they don’t work to eradicate the disease. 
  2. There have been concerns on the impact that these disinfectants may have on human health and the environment due to the chemicals that make up the solutions.
  3. They only work effectively on indoor surfaces, not on large outdoor areas such as parks and play areas.

How Foamstream’s breakthrough is changing things

Foamstream is both an effective cleaning solution and weed killer. 

Its powerful cleaning and weed-killing properties combine to make the perfect solution for sanitising spaces by killing 99.99% of Coronavirus particles

Through an independent laboratory test conducted by BluTest, one of the UK’s leading laboratories, it was found that Foamsteram killed 99.99% of all coronavirus particles within ten seconds. This makes Foamstream one of the fastest-acting agents for controlling the virus to date.

Leo de Montaignac, our CEO, said: “We began exploring other uses for the technology beyond weed control last year, including the elimination of viruses - something which is now more crucial than ever”.

Until now, no other outdoor sanitisation technology has met all necessary criteria to be considered a viable solution in eliminating coronavirus, making Foamstream the first.

The fact that Foamstream can be used to kill the virus opens up a host of possibilities for reopening public spaces. 

Keep reading to learn how Foamstream can be used to safely clean public spaces and how you can get Foamstream in your local area, protecting your community.

The science behind the results

Foamstream combines hot water (98oC) with a foam concentrate made up of natural plant oils and sugars. On application, the foam acts as a layer of insulation, ensuring that the heat in the hot water is not lost to the atmosphere, but is retained.

Coronavirus particles break down when they’re subjected to heat above 56oC. Foamstream offers a heat that’s nearly double what’s required to kill the virus and is able to retain that heat on it for a prolonged period of time too. It is for this reason that Foamstream has been shown to be so effective.

Due to the hot foamy water, not only do the virus particles die, the outdoor surfaces that have been sprayed are also sanitised in the process.

Left untreated, the virus’ survival rate changes depending on the material that it’s found on. For example, COVID-19 was found to survive on surfaces made from plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and just four hours on copper.

However, Foamstream has been found to be effective at removing 99.99% of Coronavirus particles on outdoor surfaces within ten seconds, no matter the material it’s made from. It can also be used on flat and vertical surfaces too, making it a hugely versatile solution to one of the world’s most challenging modern health crises.

Scientists claim that Foamstream is one of the fastest-acting treatments for preventing the spread and multiplication of the virus.

Foamstream allows public spaces to reopen

So, what does this mean for the public? 

With this groundbreaking discovery, not only does Foamstream provide hope that the virus can be eradicated, it also offers solutions for previously unresolved issues - mainly the sanitisation of large outdoor spaces.

Local governments have a duty of care to keep their communities safe and healthy, and one keyway in which they can do this is to ensure public spaces can re-open, whilst also maintaining cleanliness and sanitation. 

Things that need to be cleaned in order to protect the public from Coronavirus as much as possible can be split into three main categories:

  1. People, particularly hands.
  2. Indoor spaces and surfaces that are commonly touched, such as door handles, light switches and desks.
  3. Outdoor and public spaces, such as parks, zoos, play areas, picnic spots and more.

As we have already mentioned, some soaps, disinfectants and sanitisers appear to be the most effective solution at present for keeping people and indoor spaces clean. However, spraying large outdoor spaces, such as parks, with disinfectant would be neither time nor cost efficient, meaning that the sanitisation of outdoor spaces has been an issue.

This is where Foamstream’s breakthrough is making a huge difference. Foamstream is used commercially to kill weeds and clean areas in large quantities. It has effectively been used for both purposes in councils, organic sites, and other large public spaces.

The importance of this is that Foamstream can easily cover a large landmass. With Foamstream’s range of lances, the machine can cover wide areas quickly using the virus-killing solution.

Using Foamstream, therefore, would allow public spaces such as parks, artificial sports grounds, benches, picnic areas, theme parks, zoos, camping facilities, play areas, and more to reopen, and allow children to play safely with no worry from parents and carers.

To re-open your local public spaces safely, get in touch with your local MP to get Foamstream used commercially in your area.

Leo de Montaignac, our CEO notes the impact that Foamstream is having by saying:

"Foamstream can help by destroying coronavirus particles, preventing their transmission, and giving peace of mind to millions across the UK and many more around the world."

"The applications of this are enormous. It can be used in sports stadiums, bus shelters, school playgrounds and parks.”

A safe solution

A crucial feature to Foamstream’s chemical composition is that the solution is also non-toxic. 

As aforementioned, some disinfectants and sanitisers can contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful for human and animal health, as well as the environment.

Foamstream is the world’s leading herbicide-free weed killer. Through not containing glyphosate - the most prominent herbicide present in many other weed killers, Foamstream is safe to use around animals, and people, including children.

Even before the pandemic, people - particularly young consumers - have been becoming more aware of their health and wellbeing in relation to the products they use. They want to know what chemicals are used in products and how these chemicals can impact their health and the wider environment. Plus of course, the pandemic has only accelerated this new level of caution and weariness in relation to hygiene. 

The use of Foamstream will reassure consumers that these re-opening public spaces will not only be COVID-free, but also safe from toxic chemicals. Foamstream allows children to play safely, and their guardians to not worry for their health.

Leo de Montaignac recognises the importance of public health and safety during this time by noting that “as lockdown restrictions relax and children return to school and people enjoy public outdoor places again, it is vital they are safe.”

In addition to Foamstream keeping human’s health intact, Foamstream is an environmentally friendly solution. It’s used worldwide as an effective weed killer and cleaning solution and poses no threats.

This therefore means that when areas are sanitised using Foamstream, they won’t need to be cordoned off to protect humans and animals from coming into close contact with the solution.

Dr Sandy Primrose, a renowned microbiologist at the University of Cambridge, who was not involved in the original study to test Foamstream’s effectiveness said: 

"To date, deep-cleaning processes have typically involved various chemicals and presented several logistical challenges, particularly with larger spaces such as train stations.

"But Foamstream scales up the process and offers an infinitely more effective and safe solution."

In summary...

Using Foamstream, offers a host of benefits and solves problems to previously unresolved issues.

Foamstream’s solutions include:

  1. Killing 99.99% of Coronavirus particles no matter the material on which the virus is present.
  2. Offering a solution to sanitising large outdoor spaces, which soaps, disinfectants and sanitisers can’t achieve.
  3. Sanitising spaces using a non-toxic solution.

And on top of the above, Foamstream’s benefits to the public are:

  1. Providing hope that the virus can be eradicated.
  2. Allowing public spaces to open safely - allowing children to play safely and parents and carers not having to worry about Coronavirus concerns.
  3. Public spaces that are sanitised with Foamstream don’t provide any other health concerns, due to Foamstream’s non-toxic solution, meaning that children are even safer.

Are you concerned about Coronavirus impacting the safety of your local environment, tourism industry or public space? Talk to your local MP about getting Foamstream in your area to benefit you and your community.

As the quickest and best solution to killing Coronavirus particles on outdoor spaces, Foamstream can help open your local community back up again.

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We developed Foamstream in 2011 with the aim being to provide organisations around the world with a sustainable  solution to make communities greener, cleaner and safer.

Foamstream has a wide range of applications, including being used as a weed killer and effective cleaning tool. Foamstream has been used as an effective weed killer and cleaning solution around the world.

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