October 2023 - Weedingtech

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Weedingtech become members of British Water

Weedingtech, founders of the world’s leading commercial herbicide-free weed control solution Foamstream, are pleased to announce they have become members of British Water. Using the combination of hot water and a specially formulated organic foam, Foamstream is proven to effectively combat unwanted vegetation in a range of situations and is fully approved for safe use […]

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EU set to re-approve use of controversial glyphosate despite outcry from both scientists and citizens

Spraying glyphosate on weeds

The European Union is due to announce the re-approval of the controversial herbicide glyphosate for the next 10 years despite rising anger from scientists and citizens. Glyphosate is currently approved in the EU until 15th December 2023, but many had believed that it was on borrowed time as the evidence mounted against its safe usage […]

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