Campey Turf Care Systems named new distributor for Foamstream - Weedingtech

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Weedingtech are pleased to announce the appointment of Campey Turf Care Systems as a new nationwide distributor for their industry-leading herbicide-free weed control system Foamstream. This partnership promises to extend the benefits of the 100% organic solution to more commercial companies and contractors working in green space management.

Campey Turf Care Systems are one of the country’s leading suppliers of equipment for the professional turf sector – trusted by facility managers across the sporting and amenity spectrum. Commenting on their appointment, Lee Morgado, Sales Director for Campey Turf Care Systems said, "Campey Turf Care focuses on natural solutions to turf maintenance, always looking to promote best practice in a considered, environmentally friendly way. That makes Foamstream a very good fit for us. It offers an innovative, eco-friendly solution to the age-old problem of tackling weeds on paved areas – an issue which affects all sporting venues, including private and public spaces which have carparks and pedestrian walkways for club members and the general public. Campey is delighted to be able to offer a totally new approach with Foamstream."

Weedingtech’s Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Hamilton added, “We are delighted to have Campey Turf Care Systems on board. They are renowned for providing quality turf management solutions and have built long-lasting and trusting relationships with a number of venues, including Chelsea FC, who have already adopted Foamstream along with a number of other topflight teams across Europe. With Campey’s enthusiasm and expert team, we know Foamstream is in safe hands.”

Foamstream was launched in 2011 when developers Weedingtech saw the potential for a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional forms of weed control. Since its introduction, the controversy around ingredients such as glyphosate has continued to grow, with customers from all corners of grounds and green space management looking for a ‘natural’ solution and discovering the many benefits of Foamstream.

Combining hot water with a foam made from plant oils and sugars, Foamstream is proven to provide effective control on a wide range of weed species, with the contained heat penetrating the waxy outer layer of the leaf and travelling down the stem to the roots, killing or severely damaging the plant. In addition to eradicating the weed, Foamstream also sterilises surrounding seeds and spores that haven’t yet germinated, helping to reduce future weed growth and the number of treatments required.

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