January 2019 - Weedingtech

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Weedingtech expand in to New Zealand

Weedingtech, manufacturer of the leading herbicide-free weed control solution, Foamstream, has expanded in to its third continent with its patented Foamstream process and machinery now available in New Zealand. The expansion has happened in partnership with Matt Kirby, who is MD of Weedingtech – New Zealand and is responsible for setting up the Weedingtech offering […]

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How UK councils benefit from using Foamstream in their boroughs

Many councils across the UK have already implemented Foamstream as the chosen method of green and urban space management in their districts. For decades, the status-quo in weed control has been herbicides, and the market-leading option, glyphosate. However, there has always been an underlying debate around whether it is or isn’t safe to use. In […]

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