March 2020 - Weedingtech

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The move away from Glyphosate

Many UK grounds maintenance companies and county councils are re-examining the use of glyphosate herbicides and seeking non-chemical weed removal. This is happening amid the continuing debates on the effects of glyphosate on our health and manufacturers’ claims that abandoning glyphosate weedkiller in favour of alternatives will cost grounds care businesses and councils more. Finding […]

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Top three ways to control weeds organically

If you’ve ever researched how to control weeds organically, you might have been overwhelmed by the variety of options that are available. To save you traipsing through the internet, we’ve outlined three ways to control weeds organically. Foamstream When it comes to controlling weeds organically, Foamstream is the most effective method. Foamstream combines heat from […]

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