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City of Laurel Foamstream Demonstration Day hailed a great success

After becoming the first municipality in Maryland to purchase their own Foamstream machine, the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Laurel recently hosted a demonstration event to showcase this new sustainable, 100% organic solution to weed control. The state-of-the-art Foamstream system uses a combination of hot water (200oF+) and foam, derived from […]

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What is the best time of year to use weed killer?

If you’re applying weed killer but aren’t seeing results, you’re not alone.  Applying weed killers that contain herbicides isn’t as easy as it initially seems, and many people struggle with commercial weed control for this very reason.  Unfortunately, with most herbicide-based weed killers, the effectiveness will be affected by external factors. This includes the weather […]

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Herbicide-free alternatives and their impact on biodiversity

Creating thriving green spaces in a town or city is an incredibly effective way for public entities to ensure a strong sense of local pride. However, for these spaces to flourish, an efficient maintenance system needs to be in place. Weeds are an inevitable part of green space preservation, making weed-killers necessary.  Keep reading to […]

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