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The environmental and business case for using herbicide-free methods of weed control has never been stronger.

With many alternative methods available, deciding which is the most appropriate for your business can be a challenge.
The information below helps to outline the alternatives and how Foamstream compares with them.


How both solutions work when applied to the plant.

Foamstream typically maintains kill zone temperatures for 6x longer than other alternatives.

Foamstream’s annual treatment cycles compared with other alternative solutions.


There are many alternative methods of weed control, and each have their own limitations.

Manual Weeding

This method is time consuming and costly, and is very labour intensive to the operator. A Foamstream operator can cover ground at a much quicker rate than manual weeding, meaning that overall big savings can be made on labour costs.


This type of weed control is weather dependent and restricting as to when and where it can be used. The main concern surrounding the use of flame weeding is health and safety: due to the naked flame, there is a risk of fire. Plants with oily and waxy surfaces can be prone to catching fire and then spreading causing damage to the surrounding areas. In the worst case scenario, it can cause harm to the user or animals in the area.

Hot Water

The downfall of this method of weed control is that when the hot water is applied to the plant, the atmosphere impacts the temperature of the hot water, causing rapid heat loss. This is evident by the visible steam which occurs when treating with hot water. The loss of heat means that the plant isn’t kept in the kill zone for an extended period of time. As a result regrowth occurs sooner, contributing to a higher treatment rate over the course of the season.


Otherwise known as weed whacking, this is ineffective as a long term option. This is due to disturbing the seedbed and spreading seeds and spores, increasing overall weed coverage and causing rapid weed growth over a wider area. This means that there needs to be a higher amount of treatments per year, ending up being more costly.


Lowest number of treatment cycles

Foamstream requires fewer treatment cycles than any other alternative solution on the market and is comparable to that of glyphosate.

Suitable for use in all weathers

Due to Foamstream’s foam blanket, it can be used effectively in all weather – reducing costly labour downtime.

Sterilises seeds and spores

The Foamstream blanket covers any surrounding seeds and spores, sterilising them and reducing future regrowth.

Can be used in dry areas

Unlike electricity there is no danger of fire risk when using Foamstream on dry weeds or unwanted vegetation.

Controls moss and algae

With one treatment per year, Foamstream controls unwanted moss and algae and is more effective at treating it than glyphosate.

Easily see where you have treated

With the visible foam blanket, operators can clearly see where they have treated ensuring they don’t waste time and money treating the same place twice.

Lowest cost of ownership

With the fewest treatment cycles, all weather use and machine multi-functionality, Foamstream offers customers the lowest cost of ownership over any alternative solution.