January 2020 - Weedingtech FR


Meet Weedingtech’s New Head Service Engineer

Steven Anft takes over as Head Service Engineer Congratulations to Steven Anft, who has taken over from Adam Benkhennouf as Head Service Engineer. Steven joined Weedingtech in May 2018 as a service engineer in the tech team. His extensive knowledge of our machines has been cultivated by testing new systems developed by R&D, writing technical […]

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Herbicides and pesticides – what’s the difference?

man spraying water

Despite what you might think, the difference between herbicides and pesticides isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Herbicides are actually a type of pesticide, and so they technically aren’t different at all. Keep reading to find out more about the relationship between herbicides, pesticides, and alternative methods of weed control – like Foamstream. What is […]

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Weedingtech’s team continues to grow

Marouen Fradi joins Weedingtech as Service Engineer We’ve just welcomed Marouen Fradi into the tech team here at Weedingtech. Marouen has joined us as a service engineer and will be working alongside the other service engineers, under Steven Anft, to keep the lances foaming and customers happy, ensuring they keep killing weeds wherever they are […]

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