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Foamstream: an effective weed control choice for plant nurseries

Weeds can cause a huge amount of issues at plant nurseries. The conditions at nurseries of moist air and fertile soil are unfortunately ideal for weed germination. It’s vital to have an effective weed control strategy to control these unwanted plants, whilst also nurturing the plants you’re growing. Many companies use lengthy and often costly […]

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Foamstream: How our eco-friendly technology works to control weeds


It is a truth universally acknowledged that weeds can get everywhere, but it’s how we go about treating them that matters. For years, the most popular weed killer around the world has been the herbicide glyphosate, known more commonly by its trading name as Roundup.  Glyphosate-based weed killer is used in all areas of our […]

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Weed control for water companies: What is the most effective method for water filtration beds?


Click here to email our team for the comprehensive guide to weed control for water companies. Weeds, moss, and algae cause issues for water companies, and many still use the labour-intensive and costly method of hand-weeding. The large sums of time and money used while hand-weeding at water filtration beds could be put to much better […]

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What is the best time of year to use weed killer?


If you’re applying weed killer but aren’t seeing results, you’re not alone.  Applying weed killers that contain herbicides isn’t as easy as it initially seems, and many people struggle with commercial weed control for this very reason.  Unfortunately, with most herbicide-based weed killers, the effectiveness will be affected by external factors. This includes the weather […]

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Herbicide-free alternatives and their impact on biodiversity


Creating thriving green spaces in a town or city is an incredibly effective way for public entities to ensure a strong sense of local pride. However, for these spaces to flourish, an efficient maintenance system needs to be in place. Weeds are an inevitable part of green space preservation, making weed-killers necessary.  Keep reading to […]

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