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How incorporating Foamstream can benefit your business and increase turnover by 20%.

  • Client: Lemire Greenspace, France
  • Background: Contractors providing green space maintenance services across the Haute-Normandie region of France.
  • No. of machines: 2 x MW-Series
  • Areas Treated: Town centres, residential areas, playgrounds, parks and schools.
  • Previous methods used: Hot water & steam


  • Lemire were looking for an effective herbicide-free solution as they were finding previous methods used such as hot water, unreliable and inefficient.
  • They were receiving an increasing number of requests for  environmentally-friendly weed control along the banks of the river Seine.

How we helped

Having used alternative systems since 2010, Lemire were finding that the existing herbicide-free solution they were using was not as effective as they had hoped and only managing to kill 50-60% of the weeds on site. Lemire trialled both Foamstream and steam systems to see if they could find a more effective solution to replace the hot water system. The trial proved that Foamstream was a far superior method to the other systems.

Lemire gained many benefits from implementing Foamstream. These included higher-efficacy as they found Foamstream killed 95% of weeds on first application, and one of the biggest benefits that they only needed to use it for 2-3 treatments per year - whereas other systems were 4-5 treatments minimum.

Due to its year round functionality and the ability to treat in any weather, Foamstream allows Lemire to start treating unwanted vegetation very early in the season and continue right until the end and helps reduce operator downtime by allowing for effective planning or workforce.

Since implementing Foamstream, it has allowed Lemire to gain a competitive edge on their competitor, promoted them as a forward thinking environmentally-friendly business and enabled them to grow their customer base, increasing their turnover by 20%.

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