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  • Client: 4B Landscape & Construction Inc.
  • Sector: Contracting Services
  • Background: Established in 2013, 4B Landscape & Construction Inc are a full-scale landscape design, installation and maintenance company servicing residential and commercial clients in the Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas.
  • Unit: Foamstream L12
  • Previous methods used: Glyphosate and supplementary hand weeding.

4B Landscape & Construction Inc. approached weed control initially with glyphosate-based products and supplementary hand weeding. However, they found this approach was ineffective for several reasons. Firstly, and mainly, the overall adverse health concerns to humans and the environment. Additionally, 4B Landscape & Construction Inc. found weed crops are more glyphosate-tolerant than they first realised. This meant they had to increase the number of treatments they were doing. They also found hand weeding was labour-intensive and inefficient and did not give lasting results.


How we helped

4B Landscape and Construction Inc. is currently using Foamstream to tackle weeds and clean its snow equipment. The main benefit the 4B Landscape & Construction Inc. team has seen with Foamstream is its versatility, for tackling - weeds and moss and algae - in a way that is safer for the operator and the planet. Their customers appreciate the many benefits Foamstream has to their friends, family, pets, and the environment. This has undoubtedly seen them win more business. The community perception of the system being herbicide-free has helped 4B Landscape & Construction Inc. stand out among the competition, which is peeking the interest of many new domestic and commercial customers.

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