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A few months ago we wrote about how our Foamstream product had been featured in a study by the Agricultural University of Athens, highlighting how our product performed equally well at removing weeds when compared to Glyphosate and other methods of weed control.

And now just recently the world-renowned NewScientist magazine picked up on this study, writing their own story that highlights how our “Plant-based hot foam kills weeds as effectively as chemical spray”.

NewScientist WeedingTech

The NewScientist article went on to state:

“A plant-based foam mixed with hot water has worked as well as glyphosate weedkiller at removing weeds from olive groves and has also been used successfully in urban areas.”


If you would like to read the research in full it’s accessible at this link, thanks to the Smart Agricultural Technology journal.


The team at Weedingtech were delighted that NewScientist picked up on the hard work by the researchers at the Agricultural University of Athens, which we hope will ensure our herbicide-free weed control solution will be able to help even more organisations around the world manage weeds in a more environmentally friendly way.

If you would like to feature Weedingtech or Foamstream and need further information on our products or downloadable assets you can find these on our press page here.

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