Study Shows Foamstream Has Comparable Performance to Glyphosate as Weed Killer

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A new study by the Agricultural University of Athens published in Smart Agricultural Technology by Elsevier has shown that Foamstream as a non-chemical weed control option in perennial crops has comparable performance to that of glyphosate. 

The study was executed by Nikolaos Antonopoulos and his team within the Laboratory of Agronomy, at the Agricultural University of Athens and was carried out across two olive groves in southern Greece. 


There were a total of 6 treatments, with 3 replicates. The treatment options included mowing, mulching, glyphosate application, Foamstream, pelargonic acid, and finally an untreated control.

The results of the study shows that Foamstream reduced weed biomass by a rate between 81% and 96% compared to mulching, mowing, pelargonic acid and the untreated control. 

From all the studies, Foamstream and glyphosate resulted in the lowest normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) and weed biomass.

Hot foam weed control study graph
Results from the study showing the biomass of Sinapis arvensis, a plant in the Brassicaceae family, after the first and second evaluation.


The conclusion from the paper was that Foamstream performs as well as glyphosate, which suggests that hot foam removal, as used by Weedingtech’s Foamstream products, represents an environmentally friendly and effective alternative method to control weeds in olive groves.

It also stated that further tests should be carried out to determine how effective Foamstream removal is when comparing against other perennial crops, and under different conditions. 

Leo de Montaignac, the CEO of Weedingtech, had the following to say about the research:

“As co-founder of Weedingtech I'm really pleased that this comprehensive, independent study, has proven again the benefits of using Foamstream over other alternatives.  It’s a more natural, environmentally friendly method of controlling weeds in a wide range of settings. We're delighted that Nikolaos and his team at the Agricultural University of Athens recognised the value of Foamstream, and took the time to put it comprehensively to the test against other methods.  We’d welcome further research by any other interested universities and organisations to carry out further testing of our eco-friendly weed control technology in other settings.”

You can access the full paper at the Science Direct website here:

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