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Moeller Lawn and Landscape are a family run business based in Tennessee who's expertise is focused on all things lawn and landscaping for both commercial and residential clients. Below we caught up with Jamie Moeller for a quick Q&A to learn a little more about where the family business began and why it was important to bring Foamstream in to their product portfolio:

Tell me a little about Moeller Lawn and Landscaping; where it all began and the type of clients and core services that you offer:

Michael started this company at age 11 with his dad and a basic riding mower as Moeller Mowing Service. He mowed yards in his small town and surrounding areas. He has since grown the business become Moeller Lawn & Landscape LLC.
Moeller Lawn & Landscape has customers ranging from small yards to large corporations with offerings far beyond just mowing including, landscaping, hardscaping and retaining walls, property management, trees and shrub management, sod, aeration, lighting and water features, and landscape irrigation.  The goal at Moeller Lawn & Landscape is to have our customers be more than just a client; we want them to feel like family.

Moeller Lawn wants to be the first call made for anything concerning your outdoor spaces.

It certainly sounds like Foamstream fits perfectly into the client base you have. As you know it’s widely used across the USA, but what were the reasons you bought Foamstream into your family business?

We saw the need for replacement of chemicals as a solution to weed control, we wanted a safer alternative for family and pets. Moeller Lawn treats our clients like family, as such we look for products and services that we would want to use around our own family. Foamstream aligned with this ethos perfectly.

For us, Foamstream also opens a whole new potential client base we previously wouldn’t have been able to reach had we continued only using chemical weed control solutions. It also has added a new dimension to our services, especially as it is safer for operators and for our clients and their outdoor spaces.

What do you think has led to this move away from herbicides – what do you think has driven the change for your customers?

We’ve certainly noticed our clients and just people in general seeking out safer and healthier lifestyles. That includes looking at all aspects of their lives including looking at the environmental and health impact of any chemicals they might use and how they manage their outdoor spaces. With this noticeable shift, we wanted to make sure we were at the forefront to offer them an alternative to traditional weed control and cleaning services that they are looking for.

Where do you hope to see Foamstream being used amongst your existing and any potential new client bases?

We’re excited for Foamstream as it has such a broad offering it can help us service a whole range of clients.

We’ll be looking to offer it to schools, daycare facilities, colleges, vineyards, solar farms, nursing homes, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, sports facilities along with our traditional commercial and domestic clients too.

Foamstream now allows you to provide an effective, affordable solution for your clients to alleviate their herbicide challenges, this must bring both Moeller Lawn and them great value, can you tell me a little more about this?

Offering a solution that can work on such a wide range of surfaces and carry out a number of different tasks is a win-win for us and our clients. Not only can we offer the most effective and economical form of herbicide-free weed control, but we can also offer a natural and chemical-free cleaning service to go with it. This was one of the main reasons we went with Foamstream.

We now have a solution that we can use on any surface from concrete, brick pavers, vinyl siding, fences, roofs to weed control in mulch and rock. From a cleaning perspective we will be looking to clean fences, housing, playground equipment and sidewalks; that’s where we see a big opportunity.

As a final comment, we’d love to know where you see the future of a brand such as Foamstream in your business

We are very excited about being able to offer this service to our clients and the surrounding areas. We’re looking forward to being able to start educating the public about safer alternatives. Looking to the future, sooner rather than later, we hope to have enough Foamstream business to have a fleet of vehicles.

If you're based in Tennessee and are looking in to herbicide-free weed control solutions for managing your commercial or residential properties and outdoor spaces, get in touch with Moeller Lawn and Landscaping today by visiting their website here


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