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Why herbicide-free weed control

Our founders, Ben Goldsmith and his family, set up Weedingtech in direct response to concerns about the growing body of scientific evidence which links commonly-used herbicides, like glyphosate, with serious health issues including birth defects and cancers. In addition to this, they were concerned about the environmental impact of herbicides, with their potential to cause irreversible damage to fragile ecosystems by contaminating waterways and killing valuable nutrients in the soil.

The body of evidence on the potential health risks associated with herbicides – in particular glyphosate – continues to grow, and concerns about the use of these chemicals are now higher than ever. Many countries across Europe, and further afield, are moving fast to take steps to ban herbicides in response to these concerns and to growing public, environmental and legislative pressure. While the science continues to be scrutinised, organisations with weed control requirements need a risk-free, reliable, effective and environmentally-sustainable solution. That’s where Weedingtech comes in.