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We’re excited to announce our new Foamstream dealer for Western Canada, Cubex Ltd. Below we caught up with Will Wilson, Cubex’s business development officer for a quick Q&A to learn a little more about the family business he is firmly at the centre of and why Foamstream was a product they simply had to bring in to the portfolio:

Tell me a little about Cubex; where it all began and the type of clients and core services that you offer:

Cubex Equipment has been a family owned business in Canada since 1972. We have always been involved in equipment distribution in Canada and at one time were a manufacturer of high quality mining equipment as well. Our core business is selling municipal focused equipment solutions to the government and contractor markets in Canada. With 5 locations in Canada we are able to support our customer partners from coast to coast.

So it certainly sounds like Foamstream fits perfectly into the client base you have. As you know, it’s not a new technology and it has been used extensively already in Canada in the City of Toronto, but what were the reasons you bought Foamstream into your business?

A major part of our success across Canada has been because we partner with suppliers who are innovative, and who make quality equipment that our customers can rely on. Over the past few years, Cubex has begun shifting our focus to provide equipment that is environmentally friendly. Foamstream is an innovative product that is environmentally friendly, and based on our conversations with current customers, we know there is a huge demand for such a solution.

And what do you see the biggest benefits of Foamstream being for your customers?

At Cubex we pride ourselves on being able to solve our customers’ problems. Since the use of herbicides has been banned in most jurisdictions, we know that our customer base has been struggling to find economical solutions to unwanted vegetation. This will be a game changer for them!

For places where the ban hasn’t been instated, what factors do you think have also contributed to this desire for your customers to move away from the use of herbicides?

Our current customer base have become more aware of the negative effects of herbicides, public safety is their number one priority. The majority of our customers are now making equipment decisions that factor in reducing pollution and emissions. Unfortunately for our customers, this has led to a decrease in efficiency when removing unwanted vegetation. With Foamstream we are finally able to provide an environmentally sensitive solution that is also efficient to our customers.

Where do you hope to see Foamstream being used amongst your existing and any potential new client bases?

Cubex Equipment has traditionally served the Public Works and Parks Departments in municipalities across Canada. We know that there is major need for a product like Foamstream in these departments, and it will be our focus to initially introduce the product to these groups. We hope that this product is going to open doors for us at large facilities, with property maintenance companies, and of course with landscape contractors. We will be very busy trying to get to everyone!

Foamstream now allows you to provide an effective, affordable solution for your clients to alleviate their herbicide challenges, this must bring both Cubex and them great value, can you tell me a little more about this?

Foamstream is going to allow us to reach a wider audience while also giving us more opportunities to work with our current municipal focused customer base. There is no better way to expand your customer base than providing an efficient solution that frees up their time and resources. We know this solution will help us build quality relationships with other businesses that we typically would never have been able to reach.

As a final comment, we’d love to know where you see the future of a brand such as Foamstream in your business

We see Foamstream being one of the flagship lines for Cubex in Western Canada, and we want to get the product to the point that it is the most widely used industry solution for unwanted vegetation control in our area. We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Weedingtech. The product fits perfectly into our new focus as a company and we are very much looking forward to getting the product into our customers’ hands.


If you're based in Canada and are looking in to herbicide-free weed control solutions for managing your outdoor spaces, get in touch with CUBEX today by visiting their website here

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