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If you’ve ever researched how to control weeds organically, you might have been overwhelmed by the variety of options that are available. To save you traipsing through the internet, we’ve outlined three ways to control weeds organically.


When it comes to controlling weeds organically, Foamstream is the most effective method. Foamstream combines heat from near boiling water with an environmentally-safe, biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars to kill the targeted weeds. A temperature of at least 57°C, known as the kill-zone, must be reached in order to successfully kill or sufficiently damage unwanted vegetation. The extent of the plant damage is determined by how long the vegetation can be held in the kill zone for. Foamstream’s insulated foam ensures that this required kill-zone temperature is maintained for an extended period of time in order to thoroughly kill the weed. 

Foamstream is also safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments, and can also be used for outdoor cleaning tasks including chewing gum removal, power washing and general sanitisation jobs. This makes it a highly effective, all-round, organic weed control. Not to mention, it’s also cleared for use as safe, organic and non-toxic around the world by all necessary accreditation bodies for the territories in which we operate.

Hot water

Similarly to Foamstream, hot water kills weeds by transferring heat energy to the plant. The transfer of heat causes the molecular structure of the plant to change, causing the weed to die. 

However, as mentioned previously, a temperature of 57°C and above must be retained for an extended period of time to cause permanent damage to the plant structure. Research shows that solid delivery of heat at 80°C for the first five seconds is vital to ensuring the most effective plant kill. Unlike Foamstream, hot water has no method of heat retention therefore heat is lost to the atmosphere on application. When using hot water, there is no guarantee that permanent damage has been caused - even if the plant itself looks like it has been affected.

You can read more about hot water weed control in our factsheet.  


Weed brushing has long been a method of organic weed control. The process works by using an abrasive mechanical brush to remove weeds, moss and algae from public paths, outdoor sports surfaces and other hard surfaces without using chemicals or water. The brush, accompanied by a blade in between the bristles, can cut and remove weeds from within cracks and breaks in concrete. 

The results of brushing can be seen immediately, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. However, brushing can often result in further regrowth. During the brushing process, elements of debris are scattered around the surrounding area, meaning that various seeds and spores are distributed within close proximity of the weed elimination. Despite the fact you can instantly see the weeds being removed, the process can ultimately result in further regrowth.

For more information about organic weed control, take a look at our Foamstream vs Alternatives page or download our ebook for in-depth information about the alternative options of weed control. 

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