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In 2019, Foamstream was approved for use as an organic biocide in North America and the European Union and was proved to be highly effective at controlling Hepatitis C, as well as other harmful viruses.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we understand that local towns, councils and other organisations are doing the best they can to ensure their constituents remain safe and healthy. In order to keep public spaces clean, you might be considering the best way to minimise the spread of pathogens e.g. viruses, fungi, and non-sporulating bacteria) and looking at solutions which don't simply move germs from A to B as can often occur with methods such as pressure washing.

Fortunately, Weedingtech has a solution… keep reading to find out how Foamstream Clean could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

What is Foamstream Clean?

Foamstream Clean is an efficient method of deep cleaning and sanitising your public spaces in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. It is safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments, and is a versatile piece of equipment that allows the operator to switch effortlessly from weed control to cleaning and sanitisation (among other applications). 

Foam on weeds treating cobbles - Press Weedingtech Foamstream

How does Foamstream Clean work?

The active ingredient in Foamstream is the heat delivered by the hot water; both pathogens and weeds are organic compounds that can be damaged by heat. By using Foamstream’s patented low-pressure process which combines heat with our biodegradable foam, users will have the unique ability to maintain critical heat on the target pathogens long enough to neutralise them.

Foamstream is applied at around 95°C/203°F. Following this initial contact, the insulation qualities delivered by the foam enable the heat to stay above 57°C/135°F for 15 seconds - this is what neutralises the pathogens. The minimum levels of temperature and application time to kill varying harmful viruses are outlined in the table below:

N.B. Nothing kills 100% of bacteria and viruses, but sanitising surfaces with temperatures above 77ºC /ºF when applied correctly can kill a high percentage of pathogens including bacteria and viruses.

The most widely used municipal practice for dealing with pathogen control is mechanical, which involves using large pressure washers. Unfortunately, the effect this has on pathogens is that it simply moves them from A to B, contributing to the wider transmission of these pathogens. Unlike pressure washing systems, Foamstream is a lower-pressure solution with an elevated temperature, meaning that it can first cleans, then sanitises the targeted area, decontaminating it. 

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Using Foamstream to minimise the spread of COVID-19

The following table shows the persistence of similar strains of virus akin to COVID-19 on different types of surfaces. The virus can remain active for a significant amount of time on many surfaces in public spaces like steel, metal, wood, glass and plastic. These materials are very common everywhere from external hospital areas (seating areas, smoking areas etc), to playgrounds, schools, parks, bus shelters, cemeteries and sports facilities.

As lockdown restrictions are eased, and the public are increasingly allowed to enjoy public spaces, it is critical that our public spaces are safe for public use.  Foamstream is a great way to help make public spaces as safe as possible by helping prevent the transmission of viruses.  This will help to keep the reproductive rate (R rate) down, which is critical in the battle against COVID-19.

Foamstream table 2- virus vs surface

Foamstream table 1 - virus vs surface

Table extracted from: Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents, G. Kampfa, D. Todtb, S. Pfaenderb, E. Steinmannb, Journal of Hospital Infection, March 2020, Volume 104, Issue 3, Pages 246-251.

What public spaces can Foamstream clean?

  • Flat surfaces including but not limited to benches, sidewalks, vehicle hoods, tombstones, rubber grounds, bins, cigarette disposals. 
  • Vertical surfaces including but not limited to: park benches, vehicle sides, windows.

Interchangeable lances

Our range of cleaning lances enables customers to use their systems not only for weed control, but also for a wide variety of outdoor cleaning and sanitisation tasks. 

Pressure lance

high pressure lance cleaning moss from block paving Foamstream Weedingtech

This lance is our highest-pressure lance (20 bar/290 psi). Despite being lower pressure than conventional ‘high pressure’ solutions, Foamstream achieves a more effective treatment result due to its prolonged high temperature delivered by an insulating foam blanket which reduces surface damage. It can be used for gum removal, removal of dirt and general surface grime where our softer bristled lance is not suitable.

Rotating nylon brush lance

Street furniture cleaning - moss and algae - press - Foamstream Weedingtech

This rotating lance is made from soft nylon bristles and is suitable for cleaning more porous surfaces which have built-up layers of debris where the pressure lance is not suitable. It can be used on wooden surfaces e.g. benches, wood panelled buildings, painted railings/surfaces, hard to reach corners, step fronts etc.

Nylon scrub brush

Sign-street cleaning moss and algae - press - Foamstream Weedingtech

A more traditional rectangular brush head, this lance is perfect for cleaning tasks such as removing moss, algae or debris from smooth metal or plastic surfaces such as signs and bins. It can be used on street signs, street furniture, playground furniture or where a large surface area needs to be cleaned quickly.

Pavement cleaner

pavement cleaner treating block paving 2 Foamstream Weedingtech

This lance uses minimal heat retention due to the high pressure spraying nozzles creating droplets. As a result, there is less foam creation, meaning it is ideal for cleaning pavements efficiently. 

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