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"The investment has paid for itself several times over already." Tim Brooks, Owner

  • Client: Tim Brooks Garden Services
  • Sector: Contracting Services
  • Background: Tim Brooks Garden Services offer a complete garden maintenance and landscaping service in North Cornwall. They are proudly herbicide-free and are specialists in Foamstream.
  • Unit: Foamstream L12
  • Areas treated: Weeds, moss, algae, surface cleaning and pressure washing
  • Previous methods used: Glyphosate-based products, burning, and hot water treatments.

Tim and his team recognised that customers are a lot more conscious of the negative impact of chemicals on health and their surroundings. With the increased demand from clients for a herbicide-free and organic method to weed control, Tim and the team knew they needed to look for an alternative.


How we helped

The team have been really pleased with Foamstream. One big benefit they found is they can use the same method for multiple purposes - treating weeds, moss and algae, but also for surface cleaning and pressure washing. They like that Foamstream can be used in all weathers because it makes it much easier to schedule the work. Compared to other methods, they have found Foamstream to have a quicker application rate and achieve coverage much faster. They like that the foam makes it very easy to see the areas that have been treated because there is less chance of missing patches and having to reapply the foam.

They have also been using their L12 on moss and algae. In particular, for a local ferry company, they have been treating algae on their slipways because Foamstream can be used freely around water. The water capacity of the machine is quite large, so often they have treated weeds for a long time before they need to refill it. Overall, they find the machine so easy to use and intuitive across all of the landscaping jobs they do. They would recommend Foamstream to any landscaping contractors. The investment has paid for itself several times over already.

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Foamstream L12

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