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How Foamstream was used to provide a contracting business with an effective and profitable new product offering.

  • Client: The Green Team - London, UK
  • Background: Grounds maintenance to clients across London and the Home Counties
  • Machine Type: M1200
  • Areas Treated: Hardstanding, tarmac, block paving, cobbles, gravel paths, large flower beds, artificial play surfaces, around lakes and ponds
  • Previous methods used: Roundup and other herbicides and hand-weeding

1. With a strong environmental focus in the company and weed control as a large part of their business, The Green Team were aware of the changing legislation around herbicides and as they always look to do find the best way of operating, the wanted to look towards integrating a herbicide-free alternative in to their business.

2. Due to servicing a large number of schools and educational establishments including Universities - finding a solution that was safe for use around people and children was a key factor.


How we helped

Faster and more efficient than alternative methods saving time and labour cost

Previously using chemicals, and labour intensive hand weeding, The Green Team looked at a range of alternatives including reducing glyphosate usage by spot spraying, flame burning and other thermal methods of weed control including Foamstream.

Foamstream for them was the clear winner due to speed of operation compared to the other solutions and  due to the immediacy of the results Foamstream produced.

Reduced chemical use across the client base

Foamstream is now used across their broad client base which covers educational establishments such as university grounds, housing estates and domestic gardens and treats across a multitude of surfaces and for both weed control and cleaning tasks. Foamstream has also replaced their previous moss-only treatment system because of its high efficacy.

Safe for unrestricted use around people, animals and water

With their business having a heavy focus on operating in places where people are often present such as educational establishments and housing estates, Foamstream's safe credentials are a huge benefit. Knowing that there are no potential health and safety risks when using the system around the public was another advantage to adopting the solution.

"Our clients love that they can keep their parks and spaces open when treating with Foamstream and people can walk their dogs and children without having to close anywhere off. Clients also love the ecological benefits of it too and knowing they are doing their bit for the environement." (Nathan Stanley)

Suitable to use in all weather on any surface

Being able to use the system in all weathers including rain, offers The Green Team another great benefit over chemical herbicides as it means they are not dependent on good weather in order to carry out treatments. This enables labour and time to be planned effectively. The Green Team treat a range of surfaces including hardscapes, tarmac, block paving, cobbles, gravel pathways, large flowerbeds, artificial surfaces, and around lakes and ponds.

Added value to their contracting business

As a company The Green Team are looking to increase their fleet of Foamstream machines and for Foamstream to become their go-to
weed control and cleaning system in their business to drive the growth of their business expansion.

"We can see it taking over as our number one spot for weed control in company." (Nathan Stanley)

With traditional chemical weed control being a contentious topic across the world, they are already seeing more and more of their clients
and prospects moving away from herbicides and see Foamstream as being an integral part of their product portfolio as they move

Positive public engagement

Many of the sites they work at, the public are concerned about the use of chemical weed control but public interaction with Foamstream has received very positive feedback.

Simple to use and operate and no on-going certification

"We finally have a simple machine that requires little maintenance, little training and quality results for us and our customers every time." (Nathan Stanley)

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Foamstream treating pavement weeds

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Immediately after Foamstream application 1 week later

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