City of Laurel Foamstream Demonstration Day hailed a great success - Weedingtech

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After becoming the first municipality in Maryland to purchase their own Foamstream machine, the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Laurel recently hosted a demonstration event to showcase this new sustainable, 100% organic solution to weed control.

The state-of-the-art Foamstream system uses a combination of hot water (200oF+) and foam, derived from natural plant oils and sugars, to effectively kill weeds and unsightly overgrowth without chemicals. Thanks to its eco-friendly ingredients, Foamstream is safe to use in a variety of environments including around people, animals and water. The treatment is delivered via a range of Foamstream machines – one of which, an L12, was recently delivered to the City of Laurel.

The City of Laurel is committed to moving its operations and the community towards a more sustainable future that considers prosperity, people and the impact they have on the planet. Following its install, a demonstration was held at Sturgis Moore Park on Thursday 9th June 2022 for the Mayor, City Council and members of the public to see the product in action. Bill Bailey, Director of Parks and Facilities for City of Laurel Department of Parks and Recreation, commented, “The fact we can now use this environmentally-friendly combination of foam and water to control and kill weeds is fantastic. This machine is going to save us both time and effort and big step forward in keeping chemicals out of Laurel’s ecosystem.”

Dustun Rosdail, Director of North American Sales for Foamstream, added “The public demonstration was a great success and provided a great opportunity for visitors to learn how Foamstream works and see for themselves its effectiveness - not just treating a range of weeds but also for outdoor cleaning tasks such as gum removal and sanitisation. We thank the City of Laurel for their order and the support in organising the demo day and look forward to working closely with them in the future to meet their sustainability goals.”

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