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Foamstream Clean provides multi-functionality to our systems meaning capital costs can be spread across multiple departments.


Our Foamstream Clean lance range enables our machines to be used beyond the traditional season for vegetation control, for a multitude of cleaning tasks such as sanitisation, power washing and gum removal.

Ergonomically designed with the end user in mind, they feature interchangeable, quick connect heads for simple lance changeover.

Foamstream is approved for use as a biocide across North America and Europe and it will change the way municipalities across the world control bacteria in outdoor spaces such as parks, playgrounds and sports facilities. It is the first viable biocide which kills bacteria rather than just moving it from A to B.


Benefits of using Foamstream as a cleaning solution

Low-pressure system
Unlike high-pressure washers which often damage surfaces, Foamstream eliminates the risks associated with conventional high-pressure systems by delivering the same results at a lower pressure.

Quick-release lance heads
With our quick-change lances, operators can move easily between weed control and cleaning.

Year-round functionality
The year-round functionality of Foamstream means you can use it for more than just cleaning. Because it can be used for vegetation control too, the capital cost can be shared across many departments of your organisation.

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