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Foamtream enters the Scottish market as Weedingtech signs exclusive sales agreement with new supplier

Ground care and garden equipment supplier, Fraser C Robb, has been awarded exclusive sales rights to sell the leading herbicide-free weed killing equipment, Foamstream, in Scotland. The supplier is based in the village Drymen, located between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and this will be the first time Foamstream enters the Scottish market.

This deal will provide customers in Scotland with access to an environmentally friendly solution for killing weeds, for the first time. Foamstream’s technology and equipment has been successfully launched in markets around the world, with Scotland being the latest country to benefit.

In recent years, Foamstream has seen fantastic growth and expansion in England, Ireland and Wales. This latest exclusive deal with the Scottish supplier cements Foamstreams’ position as the leading herbicide-free weed control solution as it continues to expand globally.

Foamstream offers many benefits to users such as councils, estates, golf courses, facilities, and land estates. The effective solution provides immediate results and can be used in all seasons and weather conditions as it isn’t affected by external factors such as wind or dampness of soil. The green solution is also safe for use around people, animals, waterways, and delicate ecosystems.

Foamstream is also very cost-effective as few applications are needed each year. There are still alternatives for herbicide-free weed killers available, but none are as effective or efficient as Foamstream. One such option is to use boiling water. This solution, however, requires up to six treatments per year whereas Foamstream only requires half that amount in a 12 month cycle, making Foamstream a more suitable option. It is the most effective herbicide-free solution on the market.

The solution also dramatically reduces the requirements of manual labour, and due to its herbicide-free nature, it’s environmentally friendly.

The launch of Foamstream into Scotland with this exclusive deal is also timely as it’s envisaged that Foamstream could help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Due to the heat transmitted by the solution, the virus particles are destroyed as they’re simply broken apart.

As Lorna Robb, Director of Fraser C Robb, explains, this new deal represents a significant addition to their range of environmentally friendly products.

"Our business is within a National Park and we know from our customers throughout Scotland the sensitivity to our land, waterways and public areas. Foamstream will allow them to kill weeds in a way completely safe to the environment. This system will also be more effective in keeping our towns and cities clean, saving organisations time and money.

We are delighted to be bringing this product to market in Scotland and working with the innovative team at Weedingtech. We have seen the impact of it being introduced in other markets and know that this product will be revolutionary to the operation of councils, land estates, sporting facilities etc. throughout Scotland. This is an excellent addition to our growing range of environmentally friendly garden and ground care equipment."

Aaron Matthews, UK & ROI Sales Manager at Weedingtech said:

"After many conversations with prospects in Scotland, Fraser C. Robb was the natural choice to be our distribution partner due to their fantastic reputation among their customer base and the instant enthusiasm they had for the product. They certainly have the expertise and experience required to offer the very best customer experience for Foamstream clients."

Weedingtech is delighted to announce this partnership with the Scottlish supplier, and the team are looking forward to helping users in Scotland manage their weeds with its green technology and environmentally-friendly Foamstream solution.

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Foamstream has a wide range of applications. Primarily used as a weed-killing solution for outdoor spaces, it can also be used for urban cleaning, gum and graffiti removal, and killing coronavirus particles, so there are numerous benefits to using Foamstream in your local area.

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