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Foamstream is perhaps most well-known for its safe and organic way of killing weeds and unwanted vegetation in public spaces, but Foamstream can also be used for a variety of other tasks including street cleaning and sanitisation. 

Foamstream is extremely versatile in its capabilities and can be used for almost any kind of vegetation control including weeds, moss and algae or for a variety of outdoor cleaning activities. In addition to weed control, Foamstream can be used for gum and graffiti removal, power washing, surface sanitisation and helping to control the spread of harmful viruses like COVID-19.

With the scope to carry out such a range of outdoor tasks using the same machine and only one operator, Foamstream allows easy task management with an effortless switching from weed control to street cleaning and back again saving time and, in the long run, money. Keep reading to find out more about the various tasks that can be carried out using Foamstream. 

Weed and vegetation control

As previously mentioned, Foamstream is the most cost-effective herbicide-free method of weed control on the market today. Using our biodegradable foam, Foamstream insulates hot water applied to unwanted vegetation - such as weeds, moss and algae - ensuring that heat is maintained long enough for it to kill or severely damage the targeted weeds or vegetation. 

Foamstream in use killing weeds

Click here to read more about how Foamstream works in relation to weed control. 

Surface sanitisation 

Unlike traditional methods of urban cleaning, such as pressure washing, Foamstream will sanitise the affected area using its patented heat process as opposed to merely moving pathogens from point A to point B. This approach is much more effective than traditional methods as it helps to neutralise the pathogens rather than spreading them. This can be particularly effective in public spaces, on or around germ-heavy street furniture like bins or areas and objects that have high human contact like playgrounds and park benches. 

Street furniture cleaning power washing press weedingtech foamstream

Virus neutralisation

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that local towns, councils and other organisations want to ensure their constituents remain safe and healthy. Foamstream is an efficient method of decontaminating your public spaces in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. It is safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments. In 2019, it was approved for use as an organic biocide in North America and the European Union and can be used for a range of sanitisation tasks, as well as helping to reduce the spread of harmful viruses such as COVID-19. 

Street furniturStreet furniture cleaning - sanitisation - weedingtech foamstreame cleaning - sanitisation

If you head over to our blog'How to reduce the spread of pathogens with Foamstream', you can see a table which outlines the persistence of similar strains of virus akin to COVID-19 on different types of surfaces. The virus can remain active on common outside surfaces such as steel, metal, wood, glass or plastic, all of which are common on vehicles, street furniture, bus stops, buildings etc. hence the necessity to reduce their transmission through neutralisation methods like Foamstream.

Foamstream’s efficacy is based on its heat retention, applying a contact temperature of around 95°C. The patented low-pressure process combines heat with our biodegradable foam, enabling users to maintain critical heat (above 57°C for 15 seconds) on the target pathogens long enough to neutralise them. It can be used on a variety of flat and vertical surfaces in public spaces, including benches, sidewalks, vehicles, tombs, rubber grounds, bins, cigarette disposals and more. 

Gum removal

Removing gum from public spaces is a small but effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep your local area as clean as possible. 

Foamstream can be used to effectively remove gum from public spaces. Due to its low-pressure, it won't damage delicate or porous surfaces either unlike other high-pressure cleaning methods often used. The heat in the Foamstream process has the added benefit of not only cleaning the detritus away from the area but also decontaminating it at the same time. 

General cleaning

In addition to weed control, Foamstream can also be used for general cleaning tasks in public spaces. Foamstream Clean is an efficient method of cleaning your public spaces in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way, and can be used to clean street furniture, such as benches and other seating areas, sign posts, play areas, and more. 

Sign-street cleaning moss and algae - press - Foamstream Weedingtech

What are the benefits of using Foamstream for sanitisation tasks?

  • Kills/neutralises pathogens within seconds
  • Highly effective at a low-pressure
  • Easy and simple application
  • Operators can easily see the area where they have been treated.

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Foamstream is an all-round, urban space management solution that allows the user to switch effortlessly from weed control to cleaning and sanitisation and back again. For more information about how Foamstream can be used in your local area, get in touch with us today. 


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