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Since the news of COVID-19 broke, we've been thinking of how to bring you, our customers, the best possible service.

In these unprecedented times, it's been vital for us to adapt the status quo and get creative, ensuring we continue to provide the level of service and support that we pride ourselves on here at Weedingtech.
With that in mind, we're excited to introduce you to our new Foamstream Virtual Demo.

What is the Foamstream Virtual Demo?

Our Foamstream Virtual Demo has been created through careful collaboration with our global sales team, along with our partners and clients from around the world, to ensure it brings you the most comprehensive 360 degree virtual experience possible, right to your home or office.

What does the Foamstream Virtual Demo include?

It covers everything from a basic education on what our Foamstream herbicide-free weed control solution is, how it works, and what the crucial part of the process (the foam) is made from.

It will then take you through an immersive product demonstration of our herbicide-free weed control systems using the Foamstream L12 as the demo machine. This will cover the ease of use and service, how to start and shut down the machine and where the machine can be used, demonstrated using in-situ examples for both herbicide-free weed control and also for Foamstream’s cleaning functionality, Foamstream Clean.

The demo goes on to explain Foamstream Clean in more detail – highlighting how Foamstream can be used in one environment to do a multitude of jobs: everything from weed, moss and algae control, to urban cleaning tasks such as cleaning street furniture, power washing and gum removal. It will further develop this to explain how Foamstream Clean can help greatly in reducing transmission of harmful viruses like COVID-19 – something that is extremely relevant in this current time.

The final part of the demo answers commonly asked questions, often asked before, during and after live demos - covering everything from the cost of operation, through to treatment cycles, the impact on biodiversity, how much training is required for operators, and more.

How does the Foamstream Virtual Demo work?

The Foamstream virtual demos will be hosted by your local sales representative in your location. This provides you with the flexibility to choose your preferred date and time, making it as convenient as possible for you to watch the virtual demo in the comfort of your own home or office.

Can I ask questions during the Foamstream Virtual Demo?

Yes of course. The virtual demonstration works best when attendees are as interactive as possible – allowing you to gain the most out of the time you have with your sales representative. Your in-country sales representative will be on the demo with you to answer any questions you might have, both before during and after the demo.

How do I book one of your Foamstream Virtual Demos?

If a virtual demo sounds like the next step you'd like to take in your move towards herbicide-free weed control, you can book it today by clicking here – or emailing us at [email protected] - or calling on +44 203 909 0050.


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