Weed Control For Contracting Services: Benefits Of Alternative Methods


Alternative methods of weed control are increasingly becoming more prominent in today’s environmentally conscious society. As a contractor, this is an ideal opportunity to keep one step ahead of the competition and provide a herbicide-free solution to meet the growing demand for alternative weed control. 

Read on to find out the benefits of offering an alternative form of weed control as part of your contracting services.

Benefit 1 - The ability to tender for councils and companies interested in adopting alternative methods of weed control

The request for an alternative method of herbicide-free weed control to be included in municipal tenders is increasingly becoming more prevalent following the recent reports surrounding the potentially hazardous effects of glyphosate. This had led to heightened public awareness which in turn has increased the demand for sustainable alternatives for weed control which can be used in place of traditional herbicides.

Contractors can benefit hugely from the ability to tender for contracts with clients who have made the decision to use herbicide-free alternative methods of weed control in their local area. Councils and companies choosing to move away from using traditional methods of herbicide weed control need a viable, safe and effective method which can be used in place of traditional methods. 

By providing a herbicide-free alternative as part of an organisation’s contracting services, it allows the business to stay ahead of their competitors who do not yet provide options to offer this niche - yet growing - pool of customers the type of solution they want. The ability to tender for these types of contracts shows the organisation that the contractor has a commitment to fulfil their needs and is listening to the market.

Benefit 2 - Differentiation to other weed control businesses

Contractors can differentiate themselves from their competition in their area and position themselves as the leading contracting service by offering alternative solutions to weed control that are not being offered by their competition. This shows that they are aware of the need for environmentally-friendly alternatives.

The importance of being an environmentally-aware business is backed by an international study by Unilever which shows that a third of consumers choose to purchase from companies that they believe are doing environmental good. In addition to this, Unilever brands such as Dove, Hellmann’s and Ben & Jerry’s, that have integrated sustainability into both their purpose and products delivered nearly half the company’s global growth in 2015. Collectively, they also grew 30% faster than the rest of the business. 

Offering alternative methods means that contractors will show that they are aware of the potential risks associated with the continued use of glyphosate and other traditional herbicides. It provides an opportunity to position themselves as an informed, client focused business, giving them a competitive advantage against other contracting services. Being able to offer both herbicide and herbicide-free solutions shows that the organisation is taking a proactive step to sector demand and is prepared to look at a holistic view of weed control which often includes an integrated approach to weed management.

Benefit 3 - Contractors can broaden their services

Offering alternative methods of weed control widens the scope of services that contractors can offer. This enables companies to reach customers who were previously unobtainable by removing barriers to sale. Methods like Foamstream with their low pressure application are also suitable for historical and protected sites such as those under care by English Heritage; a customer who previously could have been out of reach.

Additionally, some alternative methods of weed control, like Foamstream, not only offer an alternative method of weed control to herbicides, but can also provide solutions for moss and algae control as well as simple cleaning tasks such as gum removal, power washing and sanitisation providing customers with the option for eco-friendly cleaning too. With it’s all weather use, Foamstream is an example of an attractive solution that can be used by customers all-year-round. These additional services can act as a method to engage with new prospects and provided add-on services for those looking for a herbicide-free alternative providing contractors with the ideal opportunity to upsell their services.

Benefit 4 - Add an additional source of revenue

From broadening their services, contractors are likely to receive additional revenue from domestic customers, organisations who do not have the funding available to purchase capital equipment themselves or who simply don’t have the need for an entire system and who would look to a contracting service to provide such services. Another benefit of implementing a new system is that after purchasing equipment for a form alternative weed control, such as Foamstream, businesses will be able to rent out their equipment to other organisations or individuals to use. Both highlight additional ways that alternative methods of weed control can help add to existing revenue streams within your business.

Benefit 5 - Maximise the workforce

Using an alternative method of weed control, like Foamstream, that can be used in all weather and on any surface and delivers instantly visible results showing operators where they have treated, is a great positive for enabling contractors to use their workforce more efficiently.  

By limiting downtime influenced by unsuitable weather conditions which often impact the application of traditional herbicides such as glyphosate, it allows organisations to better allocate their labour force and maximise their workforce productivity during the day.  

In situations where herbicides use is not an option, certain herbicide-free alternatives, such as Foamstream, demand less labour resource than conventional methods such as manual weeding yet have much higher efficacy again saving the contractor time and money on labour costs on quoted jobs. 

Benefit 6 - Preparing for legislation change

Implementing alternative methods of weed control, allows contractors to demonstrate that they are abreast of any potential changes in legislation. 

Contractors positioning their business as established in the implementation and use of herbicide-free alternatives for weed control, are already one step ahead of businesses not yet offering an alternative. With the flurry of legislation changes that have already taken place around the world, futureproofing their business against any potential further legislation changes enables businesses to react faster when the status quo changes from using traditional herbicides to a herbicide-free approach. This combined with learned knowledge on the herbicide-free sector through being an established user, puts them in a stronger position to win clients against competitors who have not yet incorporated, or gained knowledge, on herbicide-free weed control. 

Implementing an alternative form of herbicide-free weed control as a contractor comes with a combination of benefits. Ultimately, businesses can receive an increase in profits, form a stronger position as an environmentally aware and sustainable business, and differentiate themselves from other contractors providing similar services.

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