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Foamstream is a fantastic solution for organisations looking for a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to manage their outside spaces.

Changes in legislation and public opinion on glyphosate has increased the need for herbicide-free methods of weed control. Foamstream has become the leading herbicide-free solution for managing outside spaces and is used by organisations around the world. An environmentally-friendly, organic solution to keep built environments and recreational green spaces weed-free, clean and safe for the healthy enjoyment and care of all.

Foamstream effectively controls unwanted vegetation by using the heat in hot water, insulated by a biodegradable foam blanket. The foam stops the heat escaping to the atmosphere, keeping the heat on the plant for longer, ensuring a more effective kill than other alternative methods of commercial weed killer.

Ce que disent nos utilisateurs de Foamstream

Weed Control

Foamstream provides the most effective way of killing vegetation. Fewer treatment cycles are needed per year compared to any other alternative thermal method of weed control. This means less labour is required over the course of the year, reducing overhead costs. 

In addition to killing the plant, Foamstream also sterilises surrounding seeds and spores that haven’t yet germinated, reducing regrowth. Safe to use in public areas, on utility sites, or in any space which requires an eco-friendly method of treatment, it poses no threat to people, animals or the environment.

Foamstream is a great solution for all sorts of industries from educational establishments to tourism sites. It’s particularly useful for water utilities as it can control slip and trip hazards like moss and algae on site walkways.

Foamstream can be used on all surfaces, in all weather, all year round. It is suitable for use on soft and porous surfaces such as historical monuments, and hard surfaces such as street furniture, signage, bins and benches. It can also be used on artificial surfaces such as sports tracks and astro turf.

Moss and Algae Control

Unlike most plants, moss roots sit on the top of the plant. Foamstream is applied directly to the plant, killing the moss and inhibiting its regrowth. Using Foamstream on moss and algae is as effective as herbicide alternatives and will eradicate the plant with just one treatment per year.

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A green solution that benefits all

Many of our clients across the globe have found that Foamstream has even more benefits than they expected. Local authorities have received positive public engagement as a result of reducing their use of herbicides, as well as feedback from their operators who feel safer whilst using Foamstream than other methods of weed control.

Being herbicide-free makes it perfect for use around people, in busy areas such as educational establishments and tourism spots. Having a herbicide-free solution in your product portfolio is appealing to environmentally-conscious clients, as well as reducing the operators’ exposure to chemicals. Foamstream also requires fewer treatment cycles per year compared to other herbicide-free methods, saving on time and labour costs.

Foamstream’s annual treatment cycles compared to other alternative weed control.

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