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When spring starts to roll around each year, people are quick to welcome back the sunshine and flowers with open arms.

But be warned, as the flowers arrive, so do the weeds. As the weather becomes warmer and the cold fades, weeds begin to sprout. April is the best time of year to target weeds, so in order to keep them under control in your area, you should be taking action now.

Keep reading to discover three main reasons why it’s so important to target your weeds now and make the most of this time.

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Reason 1 - considering weed life cycles

Annual weeds get their name from their life cycle - in one year, the weed will sprout, grow, and die, before resprouting the following year. The reason that they do resprout is because their seeds spread and then reappear in years to come.

The first reason to consider the weed’s life cycle when targeting them with weed killer is because of seed germination. Annual weeds germinate from seeds in the spring, to fully bloom in the summer, before dying again in the winter. Due to this life cycle, it’s important to target your weeds with weed killer in the spring (when they’re germinating).

The most effective weed control method is prevention. This means that by targeting them at this time, you prevent the weeds from ever sprouting fully this year, as well as preventing them from spreading seeds which will affect your weed control in later years.

The second reason that the weed’s life cycle is important is down to the size of the weed. The younger the seedling, the easier it is to control. Plus, if your weeds grow out of control, the larger the weed becomes, the more application required to treat it.

In summary, there are three main advantages to targeting your weeds in spring:

  1. They’ll be less likely to develop into fully fledged weeds this year, as you target them in their germinations stage
  2. There’s less chance that their seeds will spread, which prevents weeds from resprouting in following years
  3. They’ll be easier to kill as they’re smaller in size - in comparison to later in the year when they’ll grow bigger.

Read more about the best time of year to apply weed killer in our blog here.

In summary, targeting weeds in spring is crucial to ensure maximum weed control.

Reason 2 - considering treatment cycles

No matter your weed control solution, you’ll need to apply the treatment multiple times each year. This is called a treatment cycle.

Treatment cycles are critical to ensure that weeds are tackled before they get too big, and when it comes to the most effective and efficient way to treat weeds, you have to be aware of treatment cycles.

If you target your weeds effectively from the beginning of the year, you’ll reduce the number of treatment cycles you’ll need in the next 12 months, because you’ll have targeted weeds at their most vulnerable.

The effectiveness of the treatment, and therefore the number of treatments you will need to complete, is affected by the time of year.

This takes us back to the overall point that it’s crucial to target your weeds in spring, as it reduces the number of treatments you’ll need to do in one year if you target them at their germination stage.

When considering treatment cycles for weeds, Foamstream is the most effective herbicide-free weed killer solution. This image shows the number of treatments required per year by each herbicide-free weed killer.

UK Treatment cycles light green +border

Foamstream is the world’s leading solution for herbicide-free weed control due to its effectiveness at killing weeds, as well as its efficiency. In order to utilise our industry-leading technology at the perfect time of year, contact Weedingtech to get your machinery set up now.

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Reason 3 - time and cost-efficiency

So far, we’ve discussed that spring is the most effective time to target weeds because of the life cycle of the weed, and the impact of treatment cycles.

The real benefit to you is that the more efficient you can be in your weed control by targeting them in spring, the more time and money you’ll save.

When you’re managing multiple large public spaces, including parks, playgrounds, zoos, football turfs, theme parks and more, time and cost efficiency is imperative. If you can save both time and money in controlling weeds in just one of these areas, this saving is going to add up massively when you consider all the spaces you have to cover.

Take a look at these formulas:

  • Cost of one treatment = Labour + equipment + consumables
  • Total cost of treatments per year = Cost of one treatment x number of treatments needed

So far this probably seems self-explanatory.

This is the more intriguing formula to consider:

  • Higher cost per treatment x reduced number of treatments = lower cost per year.

If you decide to use boiling water or steam, you may see this as a cheaper alternative for weed control. However, when you have to use these treatments 6 or 12 times per year, the cost increases.

Investing in a more effective solution, such as Foamstream, may involve a slightly higher installation cost, but when the number of treatments you need are reduced, the overall cost will decrease.

Foamstream is the leading herbicide-free weed control solution, and has been used with high effectiveness in regions across the globe. Take a look at some of the examples of Foamstream in action.

In order to reduce time and money spent controlling your weeds this year, and in years to come, investing in Foamstream is the perfect solution.

Benefits of using Foamstream

This article has already mentioned that Foamstream is the most effective herbicide-free weed control solution, and that it requires the fewest treatment cycles in comparison to other herbicide-free alternatives, but Foamstream also has plenty of additional advantages that make it the best choice.

1. It’s safe to use around people, animals and waterways

As a solution free of chemicals, Foamstream is safe to use around people, including children, animals and waterways. This means if you use Foamstream in your public places, there will be no safety hazards.

Particularly this year where people will be meeting outdoors soon, ensuring your public places are both weed free and safe are both crucial factors for councils to take heed of.

2. It sterilises spaces and kills 99.99% of Coronavirus particles

When you spray Foamstream onto spaces such as playgrounds, as well as eliminating weeds, it also sanitises the surfaces it touches. This includes playground equipment, park benches and more.

A study last year also found that Foamstream kills 99.99% of Coronavirus particles in less than 10 seconds, and the industry-leading equipment can help public spaces to reopen safely.

Investing in Foamstream means investing in your town’s safety.

3. It’s multifunctional

Foamstream can be used on all surfaces to the same level of effectiveness, no matter their material. It can also be used to clear away moss and algae, as well as for graffiti removal and urban cleaning.

The combination of using Foamstream on all surfaces and with multiple different uses makes it a multifunctional solution.

When you use Foamstream, you aren’t just clearing your weeds, but enhancing your area in various ways.

A summary - take action now

It’s more important than ever that your green spaces are well managed as more people will start their socialising outdoors in the late spring and early summer.

Ensure that your public spaces are ready for its residents to return and that your local areas are well-maintained and welcoming. By taking action now with your weed control, you can be.

Spring is the most effective time for targeting weeds as they’re in their sprouting stage. By treating them now, you can prevent them from fully developing.

In targeting your weeds now, you reduce the number of treatment cycles required too, and the combination of these two factors will save you both time and money.

Using Foamstream as your weed control solution keeps your residents safe while also effectively eliminating weeds in all your public places.

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