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Floors Castle turn to Foamstream for non-chemical weed control

A Foamstream L12 system is delivering effective non-herbicidal weed control and labour savings too, for the team at Floors Castle. Tasked with keeping on top of a variety of weed species within the picturesque grounds and gardens, Head Gardener Simon McManus explains how together with significantly reducing the time spent hand-weeding, the L12 has also […]

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Weedingtech become members of British Water

Weedingtech, founders of the world’s leading commercial herbicide-free weed control solution Foamstream, are pleased to announce they have become members of British Water. Using the combination of hot water and a specially formulated organic foam, Foamstream is proven to effectively combat unwanted vegetation in a range of situations and is fully approved for safe use […]

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Foamstream, showcasing the future of chemical-free weed control at SALTEX

A hugely busy summer season for the team at Weedingtech will culminate in them returning to SALTEX this November, showcasing their world-leading commercial herbicide-free weed control solution – Foamstream. Proven in trials to deliver comparable efficacy to traditional chemical controls, Foamstream has been adopted by facilities across the sports and grounds sector, with all the […]

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East Devon District Council eliminate Glyphosate in favour of weed control by Foamstream

As part of their wider Climate Change Agenda, the team at East Devon District Council (EDDC) have switched to non-herbicidal weed control with Foamstream from Weedingtech. In an attempt to improve the environment and move towards net zero, the council have eliminated the use of glyphosate in the management of a range of weed species […]

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Flete Estate improve environment for people and pollinators with switch to Foamstream

Flete Estate, home to Mothecombe Gardens, have eliminated herbicide use and created a more environmentally friendly space for both people and pollinators, by switching to Foamstream from Weedingtech. Sustainability has always been a focus for the family-run estate situated in a picturesque part of South Devon and now, under the management of John Mildmay-White, the […]

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Foamstream solves three-fold weed-control problem for 4B Landscape & Construction Inc

4B Landscape & Construction Inc are discovering the many benefits of Foamstream, having switched to the non-herbicidal weed-control solution in early 2022. Previously using Glyphosate as their primary chemical control, CEO Jamie Berg and COO Gary Berg Jr explain how, since purchasing their L12 unit from Weedingtech, they’re piquing the interest of many new commercial […]

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City of Laurel Foamstream Demonstration Day hailed a great success

After becoming the first municipality in Maryland to purchase their own Foamstream machine, the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Laurel recently hosted a demonstration event to showcase this new sustainable, 100% organic solution to weed control. The state-of-the-art Foamstream system uses a combination of hot water (200oF+) and foam, derived from […]

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Weedingtech are fundraising for global expansion


Global herbicide legislation is growing, and there’s increasing public resistance to glyphosate. This means more and more organisations around the world are looking for alternative methods of weed control to use in their green spaces. Weedingtech want to provide a global solution for this issue, which is why we have chosen crowdfunding as part of […]

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