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Foamstream is approved for use as an organic biocide in North America and the European Union. It is proven to kill 99.99% of Coronavirus particles within 10 seconds and is also highly effective at controlling the transmission of Hepatitis C as well as other harmful viruses and is used by local authorities all over the UK, mainland Europe and North and South America.

In order to keep urban areas and public spaces as safe as possible, you might be considering the best way to prevent the spread of pathogens (viruses & bacteria).

Foamstream Clean is a highly effective way to deep clean, sanitise and decontaminate public spaces that have high human contact in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way.  That’s because Foamstream is safe for use around people, animals and in delicate environments.


How does it work?

Foamstream’s efficacy is based on heat and heat retention.  Foamstream’s patented low-pressure process combines thermal heat (near boiling point) with biodegradable foam, allowing operators to maintain high temperatures on target pathogens for long enough to neutralise the majority of them.


Which public spaces can Foamstream be used in?

Areas include but are not limited to playgrounds, schools, play areas, artificial sports surfaces, benches, sidewalks, hospital external areas, tombs, picnic areas, cigarette disposals.


COVID-19 and Foamstream Clean

Foamstream is proven to kill 99.99% of Coronavirus particles within 10 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest and safest methods on the market. Foamstream can play an important role helping local municipalities (authorities) and other landowners decontaminate public spaces during the Coronavirus crisis. It is significantly faster than many of the manual sanitisation practices currently being used – and it is non-toxic.  As lockdown restrictions are eased, and as people are increasingly allowed to enjoy public spaces, it is vital that public spaces are safe for them to be in.  Foamstream can be used to help make public spaces safer for people and animals.  It can be used to help keep the R rate of transmission as low as possible, which is critical in the battle against Coronavirus.


Useful information:

Benefits of Foamstream for sanitisation

1. Kills/neutralises the majority of pathogens very quickly

2. Easy and simple application

3. Highly effective at low-pressure

4. Operators can see the areas they have treated

5. Can be used on many public surfaces and spaces whilst people and animals are present

6. It’s non-toxic and approved for organic use

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