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We're proud to announce that our leading eco-friendly weed control solution, Foamstream, is now being used in Uruguay. This marks our move into South America and illustrates the growing global interest in using safe and sustainable methods of weed control.

Reverdecer, a 20 year old company specialising in complete gardening services in Maldonado, Uruguay, has recently been putting our herbicide-free technology to use - with the first treatments being a huge success. By implementing Foamstream as its primary method of weed control, the organisation will be making the city’s outdoor areas a cleaner and safer place for the local community.

News of the implementation of Foamstream has also been praised by presidential candidate, Enrique Antia. He was impressed that Foamstream is made from natural plant oils and sugars derived from potatoes, maize, wheat and rapeseed oil. Antia’s response to the use of Foamstream has been extremely well received by the Uruguayan public - and in particular the residents of Maldonado - illustrating the country’s approval of the environmentally friendly technology.

The demand for herbicide-free alternatives across the world continues to increase, as public and private organisations are favouring sustainable options instead of traditional methods that often contain glyphosate. William Palau, European Sales Manager at Weedingtech, comments on the expansion:

“Given the recent media coverage regarding the importance of protecting our planet and the environment, there has never been a more vital need for herbicide-free solutions in public areas. It’s great to see Reverdecer taking the first step in implementing a safe and eco-friendly method of weed control into Uruguay. The use of Foamstream will help to improve the quality of recreational areas in the community, all the while creating a safer living environment for the residents of Maldonado. We sincerely hope this sets a precedent for other cities in the country, and we look forward to continuing our work with Reverdecer to grow the use of Foamstream as the go-to sustainable method of weed control across Uruguay.”

The Foamstream process destroys unwanted vegetation - including moss and algae - by insulating hot water with a biodegradable foam. The foam acts as a thermal blanket and holds the heat in the hot water above the critical kill-zone temperature (135°F and above) for longer, ensuring it delivers the most effective kill of the vegetation. Foamstream sterilises surrounding seeds and spores, thereby reducing the chance of future regrowth. Find out more here.

Foamstream’s patented process is used by municipalities around the world. Notable clients such as Central Park, NYC, and London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham are all using the herbicide-free method of weed control to improve the quality of green spaces for the local residents. As a result of its effectiveness, the need to reapply Foamstream arises fewer times per year than any other alternative method, saving both time and money for the organisation using it.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you too can implement Foamstream in your community. For more information on how to make the change to using an alternative solution of weed control in your organisation or local area, call +44 (0)203 909 0050, or get in touch here.

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