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The debate surrounding pesticides in some weed killers continues. 

Here we answer the question ‘is weed killer safe to use on playgrounds?’ by discussing that some weed killers do potentially contain harmful chemicals, while others are safe to use around both animals and children. 

In order to reduce any potential exposure to glyphosate, this blog offers the suggestion of using Foamstream as a harmless and herbicide-free weed killer.

We’ll also discuss how the glyphosate alternative solution, Foamstream can additionally be used as playground cleaning services.

Is weed killer safe to use on playgrounds?

Glyphosate is the main pesticide present in many weed killers, including the most popular weed killer brands. Some are worried that glyphosate can lead to health issues, and those in the education sector are looking into the potential risks, as well as alternatives that can be used instead. 

If you’re looking to answer the question ‘is weed killer safe to use on playgrounds?’, the answer is inconclusive. Yes, there may be risks of using weed killers on playgrounds, but this can vary depending on the weed killer you use. 

Keep reading to discover how Foamstream, the world’s leading herbicide-free weed killer, would pose no risks if used on playgrounds, plus would offer the additional benefit of cleaning playground equipment.

Are there risk-free alternatives?

If you’d prefer to use completely risk-free weed killers, there are alternative solutions that don’t contain pesticides but still ensure effective weed control.

For personal spaces such as home gardens, using herbicide free methods such as hand-weeding or boiling water might do the job as glyphosate alternatives. However, these methods aren’t going to be effective for large public spaces, such as playgrounds.

A solution to the issue can be solved by Foamstream. Foamstream is the world’s leading herbicide-free weed killer that both maintains weed control, and poses no threats to animal or human health.

Foamstream uses clever technology, and has been proven to be hugely effective at eliminating weeds in large public outdoor spaces worldwide. Foamstream also has additional advantages, such as its multifunctionality. For example, Foamstream can also be used as playground cleaning services.

Keep reading to learn more.

Is Foamstream safe to use on playgrounds?

Foamstream’s solution is a biodegradable foam, which is made from natural plant oils and sugars, combined with boiling water. Due to the fact that the weed killer formula contains natural substances, excluding chemicals such as pesticides, it’s safe to be used around both animals and humans.

This means that children will be safe playing in areas that have been sprayed with Foamstream, and adults needn’t worry about the safety of their children.

Similarly, Foamstream is a safe solution to use around animals. This means that whether you’re playing with your dog, or walking your dog through the park, the animals will be safe if Foamstream has been used in your area.

Foamstream used as playground cleaning services

In addition to being an effective weed killer, Foamstream is a multifunctional solution that also cleans and sanitises spaces. This means that as well as controlling unwanted vegetation in playgrounds, it can also be used for cleaning playground equipment.

Foamstream is an EPA approved biocide, meaning it will kill bacteria as it cleans. This ensures that children can play safely and not come into close contact with germs and bacteria that can easily spread in such areas.

Foamstream’s effectiveness at killing weeds and sanitising play equipment can be seen in this  example, where Foamstream was used in Minisink Valley, Central School District, New York. Nick Boffemmyer, Senior Groundsman in Minisink Central Valley District said:

“Foamstream’s multifunctionality is great. Not only can we use it for weed control but importantly for cleaning and sanitizing play equipment in the playgrounds.”

When you consider the question ‘is weed killer safe to use on playgrounds’, you can be aware that some weed killers pose potential threats, while some are completely safe.

Further advantages of using Foamstream on playgrounds

As an effective herbicide-free weed killer, the main advantage of using Foamstream over other chemical-based solutions is that Foamstream is a 100% safe solution, whereas other options do come with potential risks. We also know that Foamstream can be used for cleaning playground equipment.

Further advantages of using Foamsteram in public spaces such as playgrounds are:

  1. It can be used in all weather conditions, all year round. The effectiveness of Foamstream isn’t impacted by the weather or other external factors.
  2. Areas require fewer treatment cycles when using Foamstream than when using other glyphosate alternative treatments. This makes Foamstream also a cost-effective solution.
  3. It’s multifuncional - it’s already been mentioned that Foamstream is effective at urban cleaning and sanitisation, but Foamstream can also be used for gum and graffiti removal, which is also sometimes necessary in local playgrounds. 

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