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Unfortunately for most local areas, weeds are a common occurrence in public spaces. Whether that be on public pathways, in parks or recreational areas, or in any other other public green space - it’s hard to avoid. So it’s no surprise that towns and cities are often looking for a long-term solution to this problem. 

When it comes to choosing a method of weed control, how can you be sure that what you’re choosing to use won’t adversely affect the environment or cause harm to the local ecosystem? More and more towns and cities throughout the UK are becoming aware of the potentially hazardous effects of glyphosate-based methods of weed control, and are considering using weed control that is environmentally friendly. 

So what about Foamstream? Is it environmentally friendly and safe to use around animals and children? Keep reading to find out more. 

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in many popular weed killers and combined with the other ingredients, it stops weeds and plants from creating the proteins necessary for them to grow. Glyphosate’s use has become highly controversial in recent years. Various scientific studies on glyphosate have had a mix of results. In 2015 the World Health Organisation declared glyphosate as being a ‘probable human carcinogen’, but other organisations have disputed these reports. Concerns about the use of glyphosate range from the agricultural sector to local communities - and the ingredient has in fact already been banned in many places across the UK and other countries around the world such as Germany, France, and more

Glyphosate isn’t just a potential concern for human health. The chemical can have a detrimental effect on our natural environment and ecosystems. When glyphosate-based products are used in urban environments, they can often get into local streams, rivers and other coastal waters. 

Animals themselves can also be at risk if they ingest crops which have been treated with glyphosate-based products. For example, their habitats can be affected if herbicide spray gets blown by the wind into field margins - which sometimes verge around fence lines and public paths - and highway margins. Given all of these concerns, it’s understandable to want to choose an alternative to glyphosate which doesn’t pose a threat to our local wildlife and environment. 

How does Foamstream work if it doesn’t contain herbicides?

Foamstream is a great alternative to traditional herbicide-based products - our natural foam blend includes ingredients such as wheat, maize and coconut oil, and our Foamstream Plus blend is olive oil based. But how exactly does Foamstrem work without using herbicides?

The key is in the heat. Foamstream applies hot water to a plant or weed alongside our biodegradable foam, which acts as an insulated blanket. As a result of the foam, the heat from the hot water is maintained at a high enough temperature long enough to kill or severely damage the plant.

Foamstream maintains kill zone temperatures for six times longer than other alternatives, thereby damaging the cell structure of the weed and causing the plant to die. Foamstream also sterilises the plant’s surrounding spores, impairing growth of new plants. You can see for yourself how Foamstream works in our process video

Due to the chemical-free process, Foamstream has been approved by accredited bodies across the world as safe to use around sensitive environments, as well as people and animals. 

Other advantages of using Foamstream

There are many other benefits of using Foamstream in your local community:

  • Multi-use - In addition to being an effective weed killer, Foamstream can also be utilised in a variety of other ways including for sanitisation, gum removal, moss and algae control
  • Cost effective - Foamstream needs fewer treatment cycles than many other weed killers, requiring only 2-3 treatments annually with the results instantly visible. This makes it a cost-effective herbicide-free alternative.  
  • All weathers - Unlike traditional chemical-based weed killers, Foamstream can be used in all weather conditions and on any surface. This means you can plan your weed control well in advance as you know Foamstream can be used at any time of the year. 

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