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Weeds can cause a huge amount of issues at plant nurseries. The conditions at nurseries of moist air and fertile soil are unfortunately ideal for weed germination. It’s vital to have an effective weed control strategy to control these unwanted plants, whilst also nurturing the plants you’re growing.

Many companies use lengthy and often costly processes to protect their plants. This takes up time and effort, both of which could be put to better use. Investing in an efficient and effective weed control method means that you have more time and resources to manage other parts of your business. Foamstream is ​​more than just weed control, it is also used as an organically approved fungicide for controlling various moss and algae varieties that exist in the nursery environment.  

 If you’re looking for such a method, this article will help you understand more about the benefits of using Foamstream at your nurseries. 

The limitations of herbicide use at plant nurseries 

Glyphosate is the world’s most commonly used herbicide, used across public and private land to control unwanted weeds. Not usually used on its own, it is the active ingredient and is sold on both a commercial and domestic scale.  

In the modern world, the use of glyphosate has become controversial. There have been scientific studies which both prove and disprove glyphosate’s toxicity. This is just one example of why a plant nursery owner may want to move away from herbicide-based weed control. There are however other reasons for wanting to move to herbicide-free methods, as herbicides do have their own limitations as for what they can be used on and for. Many Foamstream customers have chosen to use our green solution as using chemicals has been banned in their area, and they needed to look for alternatives.


Many only work on specific weeds 

Many herbicides are limited in what weeds they control, so those who need to remove multiple types of weeds on site can waste time and energy using a variety of methods. Some weed types such as cleavers are difficult to remove with herbicides as the stems are difficult to penetrate. This means the organisation has to spend time and money using multiple herbicides, rather than just one simple method.  

The trouble with moss and algae  

The high moisture level and warm temperature of many nurseries unfortunately make the perfect conditions for the growth of  moss and algae, which have proved difficult to control. Foamstream is being successfully used as an organic fungicide by many clients, especially in Scandinavia. When applied before plants and soils are added to pots, Foamstream has been shown to control various fungi and algae.  

Why is Foamstream so successful in controlling moss, algae and fungi? As with weeds, our low pressure retained heat technology leads to immediate breakdown of the proteins. Unlike weeds, moss, algae and fungi don't have deep root structures so generally speaking, they are killed with one treatment. 

Can only be applied at certain times of the year 

Using herbicides on plants at certain stages of their growth can be detrimental to their development, meaning that careful planning has to go into when weed control can be applied. Herbicides can also be limited by the time of year, and can’t be used during heavy rainfall, for example.  

In conclusion, controlling weeds at plant nurseries is a crucial but difficult job. Foamstream can be used to help solve these issues. 

Foamstream: the most effective herbicide-free solution for plant nurseries 

Foamstream works by subjecting weeds to high temperatures, ensuring that the plant is either killed or severely damaged in the process. The insulating layer of our patented foam works as a thermal blanket over the hot water, which makes sure this process is able to take place.   

Herbicide-free, non-toxic and made of completely natural ingredients, Foamstream is safe and doesn’t require environmental permits for use. As it’s chemical-free, Foamstream can be used freely with no concern of contamination.  

What’s more, Foamstream has been proven to be much more effective than other herbicide-free methods such as manual weeding and strimming. It’s so effective in fact that it only needs a few treatments per year. This means organisations can plan in advance, which frees up valuable time and resources that can be deployed elsewhere.  

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If you’re ready to reduce herbicides at your plant nursery, in addition to saving time and money, Foamstream would be a fantastic option for you.  

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