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On Friday, Weedingtech was awarded the Innovation award for Environment and Energy sector at the 25th Urbest Exhibition in Metz, France.

Our Foamstream M600 was entered in to the award by French distributor, Ackermann (pictured), who received the prize.

The award run by Urbest and sponsored by Les Tablettes Lorraines, an economics-focused weekly newspaper, is designed to acknowledge innovative companies and services and is split in to four categories; with Weedingtech talking the prize for the ‘Environmental, Energy, Prevention, Security, Safety-ICT and information systems’ category.

The jury of judges is made up of a number of professionals who assessed each of the 27 candidates measuring them against the following criteria;

  • Innovative nature of the product or service
  • The merits of the product or service against its competitors
  • Creativity of product or service
  • Economic feasibility and benefits
  • The future potential of the product or service.

Weedingtech’s Foamstream M600 was chosen for its innovative nature, its ease of use without the need for training and the fact that in France, since the Labbé law was passed, French councils are no longer allowed to use chemical products in public spaces – meaning Foamstream is an ideal solution for these communities looking for alternatives to chemical weed-control.

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