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The Vale of Glamorgan, located on the Southern Welsh coast, and home to the iconic Barry Island where Gavin and Stacey was filmed, is proud owner of many green open spaces- including nature reserves, SSSI, country parks and now ten Green Flag Awarded Parks with the help of Foamstream.

The Green Flag Award® scheme denotes the highest standard of the management of parks and green spaces in the UK and around the world. The idea is to ensure that everyone can access quality parks and spaces, no matter where they live. One of the key criteria of the award is that these spaces are appropriately managed and promote good practice across the green-space sector. Within this, the criteria scrutinises the environmental management of the parks and states that policies should aim to eliminate the use of chemicals.

This is where Foamstream has come in specifically for the Vale of Glamorgan, as it has helped them to eradicate herbicide use within their Green Flag Award parks.

Foamstream is used across the Vale’s parks, and in particular their feature parks that now have Green Flag status. Having decided to undertake a herbicide-free approach, the Vale then turned to Foamstream as their solution of choice. Receiving ten awards for their parks has meant that the Vale is one of the best performing authorities in Wales in terms of the quality of their outdoor spaces.

Jon Greatrex, the Vale’s Parks and Open Spaces Officer, chose Foamstream having tested numerous herbicide-free solutions including hot-water, burning, weed ripping and brushing. The solution was an out and out winner with regards to efficacy, ease and breadth of use and it’s safe credentials it also complemented their Green Flag ethos. He commented:

“Foamstream was far and away the best herbicide-free solution we tried. It’s very safe to use in public areas. There’s no need to barrier off treated areas, and we don’t have to worry about working close to water courses, or about using the system in public areas - even around curious children or dogs. There is no need for protective equipment or specialist training, it’s very easy to use, and it works in just about all weathers – you simply turn up and treat. It’s a new way of looking at weed control in our parks and has been very well received by our park users”

Foamstream is used across the Vale on a variety of sites; everything from country parks, to pre-treatment of wildflower areas, children’s play areas, shrub and flowerbeds, gravel and paved areas.  Watch Jon’s video on Foamstream here or read their latest news article.

If you’re looking for a herbicide-free solution for your municipalities or green spaces, or you have won Green Flag Awards and would like to look at Foamstream as a solution to integrate in to your park  or open space management,  get in touch today.

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