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Using Foamstream as an effective and efficient herbicide-free treatment programme in School Districts across America.

  • Client: Minisink Valley, Central School District, New York.
  • Background: Minisink is one of the largest school districts in the Southern Tier of New York State covering 115 square miles.
  • Machine Type: M1200
  • Areas Treated: Paver patio areas, playgrounds with wood mulch surfaces, sidewalks, curbs, fence lines, and in our clay ballfields.
  • Previous methods used: String weeding and manual weeding.


  1. Minisink Valley were using string weeders and other traditional practices which they were finding time consuming and costly due to the number of man hours needed.
  2. Being a school district - it was of paramount importance they had a solution suitable for use around children and people as when using pesticides they needed to give 48 hours advanced notice of treatment and keep the area clear for 72 hours after treatment.
  3. The solution needed to be used at any time and on any surface and in any weather as the above made it harder when at the mercy of the weather - meaning unexpected weather changes could caused a lot of downtime. As the schools has a lot of schedules events and activities - unexpected changes in weather was a common issues for causing delay in carrying out work prior to these events.



Quotes from Nick Boffemmyer, Senior Groundsman, Minisink Central Valley District.

All weather, all surface, all-year-round system
With a high number of events and activities run by the schools and the many different surfaces that the school needs to cover.

“The grounds team needed a solution that could be used whatever the weather and would be suitable from treating everything from patio pavers and sidewalks to wood mulch playgrounds and clay ballfields."

“Foamstream’s multifunctionality is great. Not only can we use it for weed control but importantly for cleaning and sanitizing play equipment in the playgrounds. I also use the pressure mode to clean our other turf equipment down and large outdoor fuel tanks.”

Faster and more efficient than alternative solutions saving time and money
“When we had to move away from pesticide use – all of the alternative solutions were time consuming and labor intensive. Foamstream has been the feather in our hat to enabling us to do our weed control much for efficiently.”

Safe around people and animals
“The wonderful benefit of Foamstream is that it is safe. When working around children and people – this is an important consideration. We have over a dozen different types of playgrounds in Minisink and now we have a solution that is safer than pesticides and just as effective.
A win-win.”

Positive public engagement
“Foamstream has given us a great tool to interact with the public. People see the foam and wonder what we are doing so come up and ask. Now we have the materials from Weedingtech that we can hand out to provide them with more information – it’s a great way to educate the public on what we are doing.”

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