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How Foamstream enables landscape contractors to expand their product portfolio and build their customer base.

  • Client: Burleys - part of the TCL Group
  • Background: Royal Warrant holders with 60 years experience serving local authorities, housing associations and property managers
  • No of machines: 1 - MW-Series
  • Areas treated: Hard and soft surfaces including parks, playgrounds, schools, residential areas, sports pitches and tennis courts
  • Previous methods used: Glyphosate and manual methods (hard sweep and hand-pull)


Royal Warrant holder Burleys, part of the TCL Group, has been managing a variety of estates all over the UK for local authorities, housing associations and property managers for over 60 years.

They brought Foamstream into their product portfolio after being asked to find a herbicide-free solution by one of their clients, Lewes District Council - who wanted to go pesticide free. Having trialled various solutions in the weed control market, Foamstream came out above and beyond others in terms of being compatible for Burleys’ commercial needs.


Burleys has been commercially using Foamstream now for over two years and since bringing Foamstream into their product offering - it is now used across all parts of their landscape contracting business and has enabled them to take on new clients across the country as more and more businesses see the merits of Foamstream as a safe and effective, herbicide-free solution to manage outdoor spaces and all the benefits it brings.

Their first Foamstream client was, Lewes District Council who wanted Burleys to find a solution to move away from pesticides in the town of Lewes. This proved very successful. The residents are delighted with the results and its environmentally-friendly credentials, as are the local businesses and councillors.

What Burleys love most about Foamstream is that they can use it anywhere in all weathers and it delivers the results they want.  They also use it for graffiti as well as in playgrounds and schools. Their next step is to continue to develop this business model as an alternative to pesticides that they can offer their clients.


Another key client for Burleys using Foamstream is Seaford Head School in Seaford. Business Manager, David Greaves is very pleased with the results delivered:

“I am extremely pleased with the results achieved following Burleys’ ‘Foamstream’ treatment. As well as killing off unsightly moss build-up on some areas, certain slopes around the site that were proving rather slippery and hazardous when wet, are now safe.  In view of recent concerns surrounding the use of chemical-based weed killers it is pleasing that we have been able to achieve a resolve through the use of non-hazardous techniques”.

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