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How Foamstream can be used to grow a green contracting business, increase diversity into the service offering and create first-mover advantage?

  • Client: E-Tradgard, Sweden
  • Background: Green contracting services focused on municipalities, public sector organisations and private individuals.
  • No of machines: 1 MW-Series
  • Areas treated: Hard surfaces – theme park rides, slides, pools, cobbles, gravel, tiles, block paving. Soft surfaces – hedge/fence lines
  • Previous methods used: Manual weeding, hot water, herbicides.


  • Controlling weeds via hand weeding is costly on time and labour
  • Weed regrowth was fast due to not being able to treat seeds and spores
  • Difficult to plan labour due to weather
  • Essential to have a chemical-free solution suitable for use around theme parks and adjoining holiday parks.


The method of weed control E-Tradgard required had to be safe for use around people and water, therefore had to be chemical-free. Having trialled alternative methods such as hot water, E-Tradgard concluded Foamstream gave them the best results, leading to time and therefore cost savings, not only against traditional methods of manual weed control but also against alternatives.

Foamstream’s effectiveness, combined with it’s ability to perform numerous cleaning tasks, has helped E-Tradgard win far more tenders and reduced its costs due to being able to carry out these tasks by just purchasing additional cleaning lances to use with their existing machine. The ability to use it in all weathers, on all surfaces, with no training needed and without restriction, has resulted in the company being able to offer the best possible results at the best possible price. Not only this but it has also enabled the company to expand into new fields, therefor widening and improving their offering.

Using Foamstream has led to time savings of 75% based on previous non-chemical methods.

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